At Yushchenko emphasize that the credit of Russia - menacing "scenario" for Ukraine

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Accessory of the gas transmission system to Ukraine can't be called in question, in particular, during return to a question of distribution of property of the former USSR initiated at negotiations on the "Moscow" credit.

Such position of the president Victor Yushchenko is accurate and rigid, "despite all fog of actions and statements the prime minister - the minister", the deputy head of the secretariat of president Andrey Kislinsky declared, reports a press - service of the president.

He noted that at negotiations in Moscow about granting 5 bln. dollars of the credit to Ukraine the Russian side put forward a number of political conditions, among which - the requirement of ratification of the agreement about so-called "zero option" distributions of property of the USSR.

"Though the history of this question totals 17 years, any Ukrainian high-ranking official during independence didn't assume responsibility to agree with a position of Russia. After all it is a question of typically "brotherly" distribution of property of the USSR on which the Russian Federation allegedly assumes Union debts in exchange for refusal of other former republics of claims for any property of the USSR", - the deputy head of the secretariat of president told.

According to Kislinsky, "in specific conditions which developed in Ukraine - the Russian intergovernmental relations after signing of gas contracts, the term "refusal of property of the USSR" can get menacing sounding".

"Experts don't exclude the scenario according to which the status "the property of the USSR" can be applied and to the gas transmission system of Ukraine. For example, as a result of the judgment, after all practice of raider attacks gained distribution both in Ukraine, and in Russia", - he emphasized.

"Considering that the Ukrainian legislation forbids privatization of GTS and its use as pledge, during negotiations in the Kremlin other scenarios of receiving control over the Ukrainian pipe were discussed. Actually, the way to their realization can allot the "Moscow" credit. It is unlikely Tymoshenko of it doesn't understand", - Kislinsky emphasized.

He also stated surprise that Tymoshenko initiates examination of the gas contracts signed at its presence in a month after they were signed, instead of before.

Besides, Kislinsky noted that despite Tymoshenko's words that for a covering of deficiency of the state budget she officially addressed to a number of the countries, at present "any other country, except Russia", didn't confirm obtaining such appeal of the Ukrainian government.


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