Twenty most dear residents of Nikolaev

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We will remind that this unprecedented newspaper project started two months ago. During this time in edition of NZN and on a site more than 70 messages with more than 90 names of candidates arrived.

After the first selection round held by 30 experts of the edition, in the second circle there were 31 persons which surnames were published on a site.

As a result, citizens whom 5 and more times supported got to the final list of the biggest moral authorities of the Nikolaev city community.

Considering that results of 20 nominees of this rating were almost identical, and such concept, as "respect" (it "respect"), it is very difficult to estimate in concrete parameters or units, organizers created the list of the most respectable citizens in alphabetical order.

And now - the first supervision. We will remind that this rating - 4-й during Nikolaev in a Week weekly existence. Earlier our experts offered on court of readers "20 most influential inhabitants of Nikolaev", "20 most known inhabitants of Nikolaev" and "20 richest citizens".

In our opinion, a present rating - the most prestigious: after all often people seek for influence, popularity and high level of a state to deserve recognition and respect of fellow citizens.

It is necessary to recognize that in the conditions of our city these qualities manage to be combined the little.

For example, among influential citizens the status of moral authority received the People's Deputy - the communist V. Matveev and the Lord Pitirim.

And among known people - among fellow citizens the director of a zoo V. Topchy, the sports trainer and I. Babakov's functionary, artists A. Antonyuk and V. Bakhtov, and again the head of local orthodox church of the Moscow patriarchy Pitirim use high level of respect. If it was succeeded to receive confirmation that the private means of the Lord exceed a lowest passing score in the list of the richest citizens (from 5 million dollars), the archbishop Nikolayevsky and Voznesensky could become the absolute winner of all our projects.

While we will note that any winner of a rating of the most wealthy citizens doesn't appear in the present "valid" list. Even And.Vadatursky who steadily was present in the forefront the first three ratings of NZN.

The bible truth that it is easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle is confirmed, than to the rich man to get to the Kingdom of God … Though among present winners there are people very rather well-to-do.

And some more remarks. In Nikolaev there is no person who would be held in general respect or respect of the vast majority. Such, as, for example, the spiritual leader of India Mahatma Gandhi in 20-x of last century. Without possessing high state positions and mass media, his word during nonviolent fight of the Indian people against English colonialists was handed down, and its offers were carried out implicitly by hundred millions Indians of different nationalities and religions. Isn't present such both in Kiev, and in Odessa.

Well it or is bad, we don't know. It is. And though periodically the authorities try to initiate civil boards, the Sanhedrims, public councils at various state and municipal instances, it is necessary to recognize that it becomes formally. From here very weak influence artificially created on a formal sign the privlastnykh of public associations which, probably, are held in respect at officials, but have no real authority on a community. And often to it are simply unknown.

It is very indicative that our readers and experts didn't mention none of the citizens entering into the Sanhedrim at YEAH.

And it - too information to reflection concerning formation at us real civil society in which moral authorities are leaders of public opinion with whom the authorities reckon first of all and to which appeal in all the significant plans and undertakings.

V. Aleynikov
judge of the Central district court of Nikolaev

A. Antonyuk
the honored artist of Ukraine, the winner of an award of T. G. Shevchenko

M. Arkhipov
chief regional gynecologist

I. Babakova
the ex-the world champion in high jumps, the trainer, the sports functionary

V. Bakhtov
honored artist of Ukraine

Sch. Gottlieb
chief rabbi of the Nikolaev area

T. Dubinets
chief physician of city policlinic No. 2

A. Ishkhneli
director of JSC Nikolayevkhleb

Yu. Kryuchkov
the writer - the regional specialist

the People's Deputy from KPU

Yu. Matviyenko

Yu. Minin
producer, publisher and editor-in-chief of the Imena magazine

I. Ovdiyenko
the consultant in the field of shipbuilding, the deputy of a regional council from KPU

E. Infantry
the department chair of the Nikolaev state university of V. Sukhomlinsky

Lord Pitirim
archbishop Nikolayevsky and Voznesensky

V. Puchkov
poet, editor-in-chief of the Evening Nikolaev newspaper

A. Reutenko
director of Sea lyceum

S. Roslyakov
the director of the Art museum of V. Vereshchagin

T. Firm
the manager of library of M. Kropivnitsky

V. Topchy
director of the Nikolaev zoo


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