Pirates at "Faina" guided from Odessa?

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Today to Kiev there has to arrive the plane with the released crew members of the vessel Faina taken last year by the Somali pirates. Sources in Service of foreign intelligence claim that the bulk carrier captured on aiming from Odessa, and further on vessel rescue pirates knew of all actions from sources in the highest echelons of power.

Today to Kiev from the Kenyan city of Mombasa there will arrive the plane with the released crew members of the vessel Faina captured on September 25, 2008 by the Somali pirates. In official comments of the secretariat of the president, Council of national safety and defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the intelligence services involved in their release, it is said that the carried-out special operation was extremely effective. Meanwhile informally officials make opposite statements. "Operation performed very badly, and it is necessary to recognize it. Four and a half months (so many vessel was in captivity) are a huge term, process was is inadmissible will tighten", - shared with "the Kommersant - Ukraine" one of representatives of the crisis staff created at Security Council for coordination of actions on release of a vessel. The owner of a vessel Vadim Alperin holds the same opinion. "If not intervention of politicians and some people, this (release) would cost exactly half cheaper and would be made twice faster", - he declared yesterday.

Yesterday "the Kommersant - Ukraine" was available the copy of the reference prepared by the Service of Foreign Intelligence (SFI) for informing of government bodies about results of special operation on release of Faina. In this document achievements of SVR are described, and also a number of the problems which have arisen at performance of an objective is listed. "The question of power option was removed from the very beginning in connection with not security of its success, high probability of loss of human life, and also limited readiness of Ukraine for carrying out such operations abroad", - is spoken in the document.

- We, of course, could address in SBU, take fighters of "Alpha" and by means of Americans (near Faina there was a fighting ship of the Fifth fleet of the USA) to carry out vessel capture. But, you can believe me, in this case from 17 Ukrainians two - three would survive, - the interlocutor from SVR, wished to remain unnamed assured.

In the report of SVR it is noted that peace talks with pirates were complicated by "a freight factor": as it is known, the vessel transported arms from Ukraine to Kenya. It complicated negotiations with pirates, and not only because of their interest to the weapon. "Number of foreign intelligence services, including leading states... took the measures directed on blocking and a tightening of negotiations with the purpose of replacement of Ukraine from the African markets of arms", - it is spoken in the document. The source in SVR noted that it is a question first of all of intervention of the Russian intelligence services. In SVR report also it is emphasized that negotiations on repayment payment repeatedly broke.

Interlocutors "the Kommersant - Ukraine" in the departments involved in negotiations on release of Faina, call different quantity of episodes of failure of negotiation process. In a press - service SVR claim that "cases of intervention of the third parties in negotiations was about 30, and it stirred each time to process". In informal conversations representatives of intelligence services mark out two "most an egregious example". "In November the shipowner collected $2 million, pirates were ready on the transaction. But then from Kiev to pirates information that the authorities of Ukraine can offer more arrived. And pirates, naturally, wanted more", - told a source.

- Intervention was, including from the Ukrainian political forces. But I wouldn't like to specify, about what parties there is a speech, - the head a press - services SVR Alexander Skrypnik confirmed this information.

- Yes, we really raised money, - the People's Deputy Inna Bogoslovskaya (Party of Regions) reported.- Then it was a question that repayment of $8 million is necessary. We, of course, couldn't collect so much, but rendered an orgpodderzhka and brought the contribution.

For the second time negotiation process was broken in December. "Then the so-called princess Amira (Michele Leann Ballarin by nickname Amir, the citizen of the USA, mediated on one of stages of negotiations), who destroyed all arrangements" became the culprit of failure of negotiations, - mister Skrypnik claims.Interlocutors "the Kommersant - Ukraine", asked about anonymity, added that in the Ukrainian crisis staff agreed to attract madam Ballarin as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided it the positive characteristic. However after its intervention the sum of repayment increased to $3,5 million. As a result of SVR and the shipowner refused its services, but pirates didn't reduce the sum. Moreover, on имующейся information, the real sum of repayment made not $3,2 million as it was reported earlier, and nearly $4 million from which only $3,2 million fell into hands to pirates, and other money went "to accompanying expenses".

Information leakage from a crisis staff became one of the major and at the same time most unexpected hindrances to successful carrying out special operation. "Happened that just at once upon termination of our meeting information on the made decisions became known to pirates. Obviously, the Somali diaspora in Kiev has communications in the highest echelons of power", - one of representatives of a crisis staff was distressed.

According to available information, as a result in SVR made the secret decision to stop interaction with a crisis staff and the last two weeks refused to provide it information. "We worked directly, without intermediaries. Carrying out an order of head of SVR, we refused information even to Gavrish (Stepan Gavrish, the first deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, the head of a crisis staff) in this connection there was some misunderstanding", - approves a source. Stepan Gavrish disproved this information, having categorically declared that "leak from a staff wasn't and there couldn't be", and SVR "till today interacts with a staff, providing all information". "Will be a bad omen if those who was engaged in this work" start sorting out today the relations, - mister Gavrish added.

Existence of problems in information exchange of the state agencies coordinating operation on release of Faina, confirm also a press - releases of the secretariat of the president. On February 10 and 11 a press - the service of the joint venture dispatched a press - the releases which have reported that reliable information about Faina SVR and the secretariat, and "other sources, including official possess only, aren't credible". "In recent days a huge number of people made comments on a situation with Faina, without possessing all information. In particular, such comments were distributed also by government officials", - the head of the main service of information policy of the joint venture Larisa Mudrak explained.It should be noted that the only state official, "illegally" on February 11 a situation with Faina, Stepan Gavrish was making comments. Yesterday he recognized that could allow "small information disagreements" in comments.

It isn't excluded that after return of seamen to Ukraine intelligence services still should look for responsible for that special operation on release of Faina was so tightened. Sources also claim that in Ukraine there can be those who was involved in vessel capture: intelligence services are sure that the bulk carrier was captured on aiming. "When Faina put out to sea, later one - two hours from Odessa from number of the Georgian operator the call on number of the Somali pirates was made. So pirates knew that there will be a ship with the weapon, and waited for it", - declared yesterday a source in SVR.


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