Near page of Balovnoye it is stored 900 tons of toxic substance. The Ministry of Defence counts on the help of OSCE

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Tanks for storage of rocket fuel are worn-out for 95%. In the Ministry of Defence note a critical situation with storage of a toxic oxidizer of rocket melange fuel on some military facilities.

The director of the department of utilization of components of liquid rocket fuel, rockets and ammunition of the Ministry of Defence Anatoly Sosnovsky reported that in inheritance Armed forces of Ukraine still had 16.7 thousand tons of "melange" which is stored in 6 warehouses, transfers RBC - Ukraine


He also declared that for today the Ministry of Defence is capable to provide reliable storage of "melange", but tanks for storage of toxic substance are used over 20 years and for 90-95% settled the terms of operation.

"Despite of the taken measures on different objects, the general situation is critical. Obviously, there is a growing threat of an ecological disaster which can be connected with pollution of ground waters as a result of depressurization of tanks", - A. Sosnovsky noted.

Therefore, according to him, it is necessary to accelerate process of utilization of this substance. And for this purpose it is necessary to attract the foreign enterprises, in particular Poland, Russia, Germany which have modern technologies of processing of "melange" and are capable to process large volumes of this substance.

The Ministry of Defence estimates utilization of all excess rocket melange fuel which is stored in Ukraine, in 120 million UAH

According to data

, the Ministry of Defence counts on the financial help of OSCE in a question of utilization of melange. The acting as the first Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Valery Ivashchenko reported about it.

Besides, on February 12 "The mirror of week" reports that 8 largest warehouses of melange are located on objects of the Ministry of Defence in close proximity to settlements. The system of storage of melange is in an accident condition.

Some capacities were under construction still in the fifties, and admissible terms of their operation are exceeded long ago. "Melange" - chemically active acid and corrodes over time any metal.

For dumping of excessive pressure in capacities there is a drainage system.

And summer of capacity "soar", and melange arrives in the atmosphere. Eyewitnesses claim that in hot weather over warehouses the easy haze is noticeable.

It is important to note that "melange" in interaction with some combustible substances (a tree, a grass, straw) forms self-igniting couples. If intensity of burning is high, and nearby there is a fuel, explosion is inevitable. We will hope that for protection of "melange" gather only the non-smoking.

Also the edition provides the list of places of storage of "melange":

White Church- the technical territory of a warehouse is directly within the city. 1500 tons of "melange". Tanks are accepted in operation from twenty about one thirty five years ago.

Radekhov- three kilometers from the city of Radekhov of the Lvov area. The next housing estate - in one kilometer. 3400 tons of "melange".

Tsenzhev- in one kilometer from Tsenzhev Ivano - Frankovsky area and twelve kilometers from Ivano - Frankovsk. 2300 tons of "melange".

Kalinovka- six kilometers from Kalinovk's station of Vinnytsia region, three hundred meters from station Salnitskaya, in two kilometers from the village Road. 1000 tons of "melange".

Lyubashevka- four kilometers from Lyubashevk's station of Odessa region. 2400 tons of "melange".

Balovnoye- two kilometers from Balovnoye's station of the Nikolaev area. The village of Konstantinovka is nearby located, slightly the Southern Bug to the west proceeds, the warehouse is closely surrounded with arable lands. 900 tons of "melange".

Salty lake- one and a half kilometers from the settlement the Salty lake of the Dzhankoysky area in the Crimea. In five kilometers there is a Lake Sivash. 2600 tons of "melange".

Shevchenkovo - at distance of three - five kilometers located villages May Day, Bohr, Volosskaya of Balakley, Maksimovka, Aleksandrovka the Kharkov area. 2500 tons of "melange", report



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