The governor Alexey Garkusha met soldiers - internationalists

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On February 13, on the eve of 20-й anniversaries of removal of armies of the USSR from Afghanistan, the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Garkusha held a meeting with heads of the regional and city organizations of soldiers - internationalists of area, reports a press - service Nikolaev YEAH.

Alexey Nikolaevich with regret noted that the modern young generation gradually loses touch with the past. After all war in Afghanistan is a tragedy and a victory of hundreds thousands of people, courage, valor and heroism, blood and pain, sincere sufferings and losses. It not only not healed wound, pain of its participants, is caution on the future. Both our children, and grandsons have to know the historical past.

Therefore the main objective of the power and directly participants, eyewitnesses of operations is youth informing by a way of personal meetings in educational institutions. In return the regional power tries to do everything that events in Afghanistan weren't erased from memory.

The chairman of the regional union of internationalists of soldiers Alexander Tokarev confirmed that on Nikolaev support is very much felt from the power: "We never find cold eyes and cruel heart".

More effectively to solve problems with which Afghans of soldiers came to a meeting, part in meeting was taken also by chiefs of structural divisions of the regional state administration.

The chief of head department of work and social protection of the population Olga Sivoplyas informed on a condition of social protection of veterans of the Afghan war. She reported that as of January 1, 2009 in area lives 2650 participants of operations in Afghanistan and 56 families of the lost military personnel. For 2008 examination of conditions of their accommodation by results of which different types of the help and services are provided was conducted.

In 2008 the issue concerning provision of housing for Afghans of soldiers and families of victims was resolved: apartments were received by 17 persons (3 in Nikolaev, 8 - in Voznesensk, 1 - in Pervomaisk, 2 - in the Berezneguvatsky area, 1 - in the Novobugsky area).

122 soldiers - the Afghan visited in sanatorno - resort institutions of the Ministry of Labour and social policy of Ukraine.

At the expense of means of the state budget telecommunication provided 29 veterans of war in Afghanistan. 11 veterans of war from among disabled people are provided with technical and other means of rehabilitation.

According to the current legislation at the expense of subventions from the state budget privileges to participants of operations and to members of families of the military personnel on payment zhilishchno - utilities, communication services, on acquisition of firm fuel and gas at a discount 75% and 50% of the cost of these services are provided.

In areas and the cities of area the appropriate condition of monuments, the memorial plates, memorable signs, places of burial of victims is constantly supported. The corresponding work is carried out by means of volunteers, public works.

In the regional budget financing of expenses of the maintenance of the regional Union of internationalists of soldiers and a stock within the Care program is provided.

The head of department of health care of the regional state administration Svetlana Hotina informed that on Nikolaev the qualified medical care is provided to veterans of war in Afghanistan. For a year preventive reviews according to the approved schedules are carried out. Supervising physicians of hospital of disabled veterans carry out departures in lechebno - preventive institutions of area for the purpose of control of a condition of a medical support of veterans.

The chairman of the regional union of internationalists of soldiers Alexander Tokarev during a meeting sounded a number of questions, for which decision the necessary help of the power. It both granting housing, and a problem with carriers, and need for rehabilitation services of medical institutions, and also book reprintings about war in Afghanistan.

The governor gave an assignment to chiefs of the relevant managements of the regional state administration concerning each address.


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