Political crisis in Ukraine will strengthen influence of the Moscow patriarchy?

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The president of the Ukrainian association of religious freedom Victor Elensky considers that the new head of the Russian orthodox church won't allow an avtokefalnost of the Ukrainian church, opposite - will strengthen control of the Moscow patriarchy. "The Moscow patriarch is completely devoted to idea of great Russia. It is obvious that he wants to be for church that whom there was Putin for the Russian Federation. Therefore I think, any steps which would release the Ukrainian church from - under control of the Moscow patriarchy, it won't undertake", - the expert states.

Victor Elensky is convinced that on the church relations the political relations of Ukraine and Russia will be projected, and continuous Ukrainian political crises will be not in interests of the Kiev patriarchy. The president of the Ukrainian association of religious freedom is sure that the patriarch Kirill won't allow that the Constantinople patriarch or other heads of local churches joined discussion about an autonomy of the Ukrainian orthodox church.

"It is obvious that the new model of the relations with the Kiev patriarchy, but anyway not the partner will be offered. It will be more rigid model that Ukrainians have to confess and return to this church which they left", - Elensky speaks. The expert also noted that soon the Moscow patriarchy will strengthen missionary work in Ukraine and will work more actively with Ukrainian pastvoy.a


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