As Shufrich on the National Security and Defense Council swore at Yushchenko: to curtail into a tubule and to thrust...

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Nardep - the regional Nestor Shufrich complained that it in Schuster Live program studio on Broadcasting Company Ukraine repeatedly "tried to force to respect Yushchenko". However, in opinion нардепа, it was "hundred times of the rights when Yushchenko wasn't afraid to call that whom he is actually".

Sharp attack of the deputy sounded during discussion of events at recent meeting of the National Security and Defense Council when Victor Yushchenko and Yulia Timoshenko broke on mutual offenses with voices raised.

If to trust Shufrich, similar for meetings of Council of national safety - not news. The deputy claims that in September 2007-го years of the National Security and Defense Council recommended it to dismiss from a position of head of MSCh because he sharply asked Yushchenko, to avoid the address on "you"...

"I told it at all - at governors, at members of the National Security and Defense Council... I told: "Victor Andreevich, you with me didn't breed bees - therefore on "you" to me don't address. I am a minister. Also respect today our relations formal. If at us isn't present human, we have office relations", - so this history sounded in Shufrich's statement. "I then told that Yushchenko's decision can curtail into a tubule and thrust... "

To it нардеп added that, in his opinion, "today RNBO is actually any inquisition... ", and the president doesn't respect those whom invites to meetings.


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