The Nikolaev militiamen received 3 new specialized cars

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Ordinary citizens are concerned by increase in cases of street crime. However the increase not considerably and fluctuates within 2-3%, the chief militiaman of the country Yury Lutsenko claims.

Besides it is possible to solve a problem rather simply - it is necessary to increase number of employees patrulno - sentry duty on streets of settlements.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs takes measures for strengthening of protection of a public order on streets and in other public places, to the prevention of manifestations of street gangsterism, formation of organized criminal groups, first of all from among minors who are engaged in street robberies and the assaults armed with robberies of establishments in which money and values, apartments of citizens, and also on prevention of the general crime and increase of efficiency of fight of bodies with the specified crimes and offenses are stored.

- I signed the order on the announcement of 2009 in the Ministry of Internal Affairs year of patrol service, - Yury Lutsenko declared. - It today the greatest call for law enforcement agencies and we will react to it, proceeding from the financial, organizational and personnel opportunities.

In particular, the Nikolaev battalion of patrol service at the end of last year received three specialized cars from the Ministry. Newcomers of "Chevrolet Field" arrived completely equipped for dress work - with handheld transceivers, a sound - the light notification, the equipped compartments for detainees and even guard dogs compartments. Guards constantly train therefore are physically well prepared for various situations.

The Nikolaev battalion of patrol service pays special attention to prevention of formation of resistant organized criminal groups from among minors. When receiving operational information about formation of such groups by militia within the current legislation measures are taken for the prevention and the termination of their criminal activity, reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.


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