Russian Foreign Ministry: Chernomyrdin's announcement нон Gratas doesn't remain without answer

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Moscow doesn't leave without reaction the possible announcement the persona non grata of the Russian ambassador in Ukraine Victor Chernomyrdin.

"If concerning the Russian ambassador article 9 of the Vienna convention about the diplomatic intercourses is applied (provides the announcement the persona non grata of head or any of members of diplomatic mission), it doesn't remain without the corresponding reaction of the Russian side", - declared on Wednesday to "Interfax" a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The source also emphasized that "similar demarches don't fit into the line on formation of friendship between Russia and Ukraine".

At the same time, as reported the Russian TV channel "Vesti", the source in the Russian Foreign Ministry declared that if Chernomyrdin will be sent from Ukraine, Moscow will take similar step.

As it was reported, the day before the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Kiev Victor Chernomyrdin was called in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine where him accused of "unfriendly" and "extremely not diplomatic" statements and threatened it application of article 9 of the Vienna convention on the diplomatic intercourses.

Reason for so sharp statement of official Kiev, probably, Victor Chernomyrdin's interview to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", published served on February 11.

In it the ambassador of the Russian Federation made comments российско - the Ukrainian relations and an internal political situation in Ukraine, and also gave characteristics to heads of the country.

So, having concerned a condition of the relations of Moscow and Kiev, Chernomyrdin declared: "With this Ukrainian management it is impossible to agree. Other people will come - we will look. Surely sober will come, normal". Making comments on dissonance between the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko from - for gas agreements with Moscow, the Russian ambassador told: "Yes, threap among themselves, cover each other... She signed necessary for Ukraine, and it now carps: where money, Zine? "

Thus Victor Chernomyrdin characterized Victor Yushchenko so: "In appearance - that it seems the normal man. Draws, crocks collects. It can go, consider round hour any hemp three it, dream. And this person suddenly proved here the such. In any way to it it isn't similar. Well in any way, here kill me, it isn't capable of the such. However it does. Someone helps".


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