Nikolaev "National self-defense" will protect clients who suffered from actions of insurance companies

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On February 18 at the main office of the Nikolaev regional organization "National self-defense" the presentation of public Committee on protection of the rights of clients of insurance company in the Nikolaev area took place. Opening presentation, the head of committee F.Levchenko (the assistant - the consultant of the People's Deputy of Ukraine K.Kulikov) reported that on December 15, 2008 at the initiative of social movement "National self-defense" and the Nikolaev regional organization of political party "Forward, Ukraine! " the public Committee on protection of the rights of clients of insurance company "Reigning" but because in committee clients of other insurance companies started addressing was created, the decision on renaming of committee and reorientation of its activity to the aid of all victims of breach of obligations by insurance companies was made.

"During committee existence 18 people who declared addressed to us that insurance companies don't fulfill the obligations under contracts. Today we 6 - m managed to help our "wards". After the actions undertaken by committee, many months debts on contracts of insurance of personal motor transport were paid to them. On other case work is conducted, and we are sure that in most cases we too will manage to achieve justice and to help people", - F.Levchenko declared.

Also on presentation organizers told about those methods which apply some insurance companies not to pay or tighten payment under insurance contracts. Among them:tightening for some months of the official answer about the reasons of decision-making on compensation payment/nonpayment under COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE contracts; tightening of process of survey of the car and carrying out examination; deliberate "loss" of accounts from HUNDRED on carrying out repair work of cars. According to F.Levchenko, in the course of work of committee the collusion scheme between workers of one of insurance the companies and finance company of the broker who is engaged in mediation between the client and SK at which to the client handed out a type of the policy which it ordered and for which he paid was revealed even, and actually absolutely other type of the policy, without those services which it ordered officially was registered. Soon these data will be transferred to law enforcement agencies.

Heads of committee made the statement that from now on in a public reception of "National self-defense" in Nikolaev (Potemkinskaya St., 27) will work not only committee of the help to the deceived clients of insurance companies, but also continuous consultation for people who plan to sign contracts with insurance companies.


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