The owner of "Hundred part" - ex-the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada V. Gorbachev - the fool! – the head of fraction of Party of Regions in Nikolaevsk the City Council P. Zibrov

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote, how at Sotka restaurant, an institution quite famous in the city of Nikolaev, international discord is kindled


We will remind that the owner of "Hundred part" Victor Gorbachev forbade the workers to serve at restaurant of Caucasians. Just recently in this institution there was an unpleasant incident when the waitress refused to serve the young man, motivating it with that that is similar to "Caucasian".

Yesterday, on February 18, in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies meeting of the Advisory board of parties and public organizations of the city at the constant commission on questions of local government, deputy activity, publicity and legality took place. Among the questions submitted for discussion, there was also a question "About Support of Cultural Development National Menshin" in Nikolaev.

Within discussion of this question the problem, was lifted alsoabout which wrote"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT".

It was offered to members of the advisory board to comment on that fact that in the downtown in a public institution the person ask his nationality, and then already decide to serve it or not. About what support of culture нацменьшин can there be a speech if in Nikolaev such attitude towards persons of other nationalities is allowed?

However members of the Advisory board declared that "it, of course, a shame of our city", but this subject isn't a question for discussion at today's meeting then hastened "to rumple" a question of incident in "Hundred part".

However the head of Council of national societies of the Nikolaev area Marat Kaymarazov nevertheless commented on the sounded fact.He confirmed that such problem in Nikolaev exists, andin "Hundred part" really refuse to serve citizens not Slavic appearance, so-called "Caucasians".

Marat Kaymarazov told that recently one Armenian whom refused to serve in this institution addressed to them. Now materials on this fact are filed a lawsuit.

Also Marat Kaymarazov shared own "campaign experience in "Hundred part". He told that recently itself descended in this institution, it there served, however he decided to take an interest, whether the truth that here don't serve "Caucasians" and why it served.The girl - the waitress confirmed that the owner of "Hundred part" (Victor Gorbachev) made such order, and it served because it has "a Slavic appearance".

The deputy of the City Council Pyotr Zibrov declaredthat we in the city now have no division of citizens on a nationality, and as for the owner of "Hundred part", he told:"This person is silly, he doesn't think neither of the future, nor of the future of the family, of the future of the city". And the head of the Advisory board of parties and public organizations Victor Evdokimov added that "it in general is atypical for Nikolaev".


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