The proud autonomous village was acquired and asks back for structure of Zaporozhye

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Deputies of settlement council п.г.т. Hothouse sent the letter to the mayor of Zaporozhye Evgeny Kartashov and the chairman of Shevchenkovsky regional administration Igor Biryukov, having declared the decision to dismiss settlement council. According to representatives of council, the people living in п.г.т. Hothouse want to receive the status of full inhabitants of the regional center.

According to the mayor, "the referendum during which 2600 inhabitants have to express the opinion can put the end to business" Hothouse. Evgeny Kartashov charged to legal service of the City Council "to study a legal side of a question and to make the offer on referendum preparation", reports a press - service of the Zaporozhye city hall.

As the chairman of Shevchenkovsky regional administration Igor Biryukov told, in 1991 according to the decision of the Verkhovna Rada "Zaporozhye hothouse combine" left structure of the Shevchenkovsky area and became independent administratively - territorial unit - the settlement of the city Hothouse type:

- Soon people understood an inaccuracy of such decision and began to ask for the city again. In 1995 пгт. Hothouse included in city boundaries of Zaporozhye. Up to the end this issue wasn't resolved for one simple reason: there were no funds for registration of legal documentation. The territory had no borders, the budget too. Zaporozhye subsidizes the maintenance of the device: all services, which there exist (school, lighting) are financed according to the cut-down programs of the city. And the biggest trouble of the territory where lives 2 600 people that they don't receive normal financing which could receive. In January, 2008 inhabitants of the settlement at general meeting expressed the general concern concerning the status: whether they are inhabitants пгт. whether Zaporozhye? The initiative group for petition on elimination administratively - territorial unit пгт was created. Hothouse. Under the address which was sent to Shevchenkovsky district administration and the Zaporozhye City Council put the signature of 640 inhabitants Hothouse.

According to Igor Biryukov, the settlement of the city Hothouse type there was only legally, and actually a territory пгт. both I was, and I remained the territory of the city of Zaporozhye:

- All inhabitants Hothouse are registered by Shevchenkovsky RO UMV


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