Yushchenko about Chernomyrdin: I wanted as it is better, it turned out, as always

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Ogryzko in an assessment of statements of the ambassador of Russia in Ukraine Victor Chernomyrdin acted only within international law.

This Yushchenko declared on Thursday to journalists during a business trip in Vasilkovsky garrison of Kiev region.

The president emphasized that the Ukrainian position the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is based only on requirements of international law where "not гоже the ambassador who is in the country of residence, to tell things which can be apprehended incorrectly by the nation, the power or the people as a whole".

"I know the price to these words. Vladimir Ogryzko acted within international law, defending that belongs to honor, to the status of our state", - Yushchenko emphasized.

At the same time the president considers that Chernomyrdin didn't set as an object to make something bad in the relations of two states.

"But he behaves in the style: I wanted as it is better, left, as always", - Yushchenko told and added that it is necessary to treat the relations sensitively.

"Isn't able to afford, especially the diplomat, emotions which the simple person" is able to afford, - the president concerning Chernomyrdin's statements told.

Yushchenko also emphasized that such words of the diplomat of the Russian Federation are given very sensitive assessment in society and the corresponding circles.

As it was reported, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine warned the ambassador Chernomyrdin that it can declare the persona non grata in Ukraine for his statement in interview to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".


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