ГлавКРУ accuses a number of officials of the government of V. Yanukovych of large-scale abuses.

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The head of GLAVKRU Nikolay Sivulsky accuses a number of officials of the government the prime minister - the minister Victor Yanukovych in abuses. He reported about it today on a press - conferences, the correspondent of RBC - Ukraine reports. In particular, it concerns being the minister of the coal industry Sergey Tuluba, the head of "Energoatom" Leonid Derkacha, the Minister of Fuel and Energy Yury Boyko, the Minister of Transport and communication Nikolay Rudkovsky, the head of "Ukrzaliznytsi" Vladimir Kozak, and the head of NAK "Naftogaz" Igor Voronin in abuses of public funds in oil and gas, coal, nuclear and transport, nuclear spheres. He declared that above-mentioned officials during the period from the second half of the year 2006 - 2007 responsible for large-scale abuses in above-mentioned branches. He declared that such large-scale abuses weren't since 1991. In particular, in NAK "Naftogaz" abuse was made by 2,2 billion UAH, in "Energoatom" - 3,6 billion UAH, in coal branch - 2,4 billion UAH, in "Ukrzaliznytsi" - 2 billion UAH. At the same time N. Sivulsky reported that "it only iceberg top. Society will be terrified from scales of violations".

N. Sivulsky added that the law allows to make responsible the specified People's Deputies as at the time of commission of crime they weren't People's Deputies.


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