In Nikolaev on the Pushkin ring at the same time there were two road accidents. Movement was paralyzed

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Today, on February 20, about 16.00 hours, in the city of Nikolaev on the Pushkin ring almost at the same time there were two accidents to participation of large-size trucks.

The first accident happened on Pushkinskaya Street. The truck moving from Ingulsky Bridge, sharply braked before departure on a ring, in a consequence of that, to it in a turnbuckle the Chevrolet brand car drove. The blow had in the left headlight of the car. Damages can be considered not serious because and it is so clear that "truck" didn't suffer, and "Chevrolet" "lost" only a headlight.

Accident which happened not so far from previous, has a few other scenario because in this case the driver of "truck" driving from Navarinskaya Street on a ring simply didn't see "Mazda" moving on the right. Having turned a wheel towards the car, it simply forced the car to leave on a roadside.

Damages of cars as a result of this incident also, as well as in the first case are insignificant, scratches on the car is almost invisible, and "truck" didn't suffer at all.

The huge stopper

became a consequence of collisions of transport on the Pushkin ring,

In both incidents nobody suffered - drivers of cars got off light.


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