Yury Shukhevich urged to support the Right sector

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Yury Shukhevich made a speech at meeting from a scene of the Lvov Euromaidan. Shukhevich's performance was preceded by speeches of People's Deputies from VO party Eduard Leonov and Irina Farion's Freedom. The son of the conductor of the Ukrainian people, Roman Shukhevich - condemned from a scene of the Maidan of action of opposition and urged people to support association of public organizations «the Right sector» .

About it it is reported on a site UNA-UNSO.

"Revolution is a Maidan, but without politicians. Now on the Maidan there are still people with hope which to them promised in the prerequisite of negotiations: rehabilitation of all victims of political repression and punishment guilty of beating, in tortures, murder of peace protesters", - Shukhvich declared.

In his opinion, it there was a prerequisite to negotiations.

"We that saw? Negotiations, but without Maidan! Without what staid three months, instead of went across Evropam! Those who, actually, exposed those conditions while these didn't agree at all representatives of the Maidan вкючиты in negotiation group. After all that such opposition? Opposition and ruling party - together they the power. And the power among themselves agreed, exorcized National councils. And slowly handed over these administrations, even where they already were seized completely. Under pressure of so-called National councils which were, actually, far not national. There were deputies, but the people there weren't", - Shukhevich noted.

It also asked a question, whether it is possible to believe Yanukovych?

Whether "We can believe that power? No, and once again not. More than once they deceived us. Today the general prosecutor speaks about 325 prisoners, deputies from opposition sounded figures 1500, and even 2500. And we yet don't know, how many prisoners are in prison, but to activists now инкриминують "hooliganism", and they don't get under any amnesties. To disappoint the Maidan to part it, to seed despondency, it is necessary to call provokers of who, actually, perished. Which held up the forehead under bullets.And now they are happy that will be able to report there that they took away those "provokers" took away with the Grushevsky street, with KGGA. For what? To agree. To return this or that Constitution", - Shukhevich declared.

It also asked a question to deputies - and at the last Constitution you not also stole and plundered Ukraine, how at this? As! If you return any Constitution, - there will be at us just courts? What - GAI officers won't demand from drivers of bribes? Officials won't demand a bribe? Tax won't destroy, press businessmen? Anything similar, everything was and will be. But they will agree. They will restore the Constitution and will put to you on a table. Also will tell what they are heroes! Here and all heroism...

"It is opportunism, it is split of that Maidan. Disappointment, aspiration to disperse it. If there were those children who with pleasure shouted "Revolution!" and which I congratulated on it, you can be sure - they would tell other words here in honor of that our nice opposition. I declare and I declare that here, on Copernicus Street 6/7 record in a power wing of the Right sector is made. That under red-black flags died on barricades. Which really want and all are ready not to speak, speak and start talking веча, all areas, all people - and which are ready to fight. Therefore I urge all not indifferent to undertake, decide and who wants - to register. Believe, Ukrainuoni won't hand over. I am confident in it", - Shukhevich

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