The mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika positions himself as "a white horse" who pulls on itself all freight of management of the city?

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Yesterday, on February 20, the Nikolaev mayor didn't miss opportunity "to be lit" in the Schuster Live program which is broadcast on Broadcasting Company "Ukraine".

We will remind that Vladimir Chaika already happened earlier on a visit at Savik Shuster. He agreed to participate in the program and this time.

The present performance Vladimir Dmitriyevich began with expression of gratitude ex-to the Minister of Defence Anatoly Gritsenko that that, being the minister, didn't take such precipitate steps which do today. After that ours "the singing mayor" shared the experiences on the fact that the power won't be able "to hold without mayors a situation in the country".

"Today, unfortunately, to mayors listen really at the last minute - whether when there is an election campaign whether when it is necessary to hang on them all cats and dogs", - Vladimir Chaika declared.

According to the mayor of Nikolaev, the President has to assume the power and if today the government understands one person, and "not that disorder which is", in the country we will have an order - here in the country Vladimir Chaika so in a flowery style expressed the relation to the events.

Vladimir Dmitriyevich and didn't forget to tell about the track record: "I want to tell only one: in the city of Nikolaev I am three times elected the mayor". After that the Nikolaev mayor told that party membership in Nikolaev isn't welcomed today: "We combined efforts over the unique block is "Nikolayevtsa's" block, and resolved all issues connected and with the city budget, and with the city General plan, and with tranquillity in the city".

The mayor declared that he never will go to bringing people to streets as "it isn't known who them where will get".

"I think that today mayors are that force which gives the chance, - Vladimir Chaika considers. - Mayors of the cities are black horses or white horses who carry on itself all this freight from the birth and to the last step".

After speech of the Nikolaev mayor the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Alla Aleksandrovskaya developed Vladimir Chaika's idea. So, she declared that, unfortunately, we have in Ukraine a majority of mayors - dark horses."And people often elect heads of city bulks, distracting on advertizing, on fine programs, appeals. But why we so dirty live in these cities why we destroyed roads? People often laugh at a road condition, especially those who at a wheel, taxi drivers say that we pay transport collecting not on improvement of roads, and on their destruction. And after all it everything - our economy", - was declared by Alla Aleksandrovskaya.

P.S Proceeding from the above arises a conclusion: Vladimir Chaika positions himself as white a horse. Though it at times reminds citizens a zebra …


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