The representative of the Ukrainian People's Party supports kindling of international discord in one of the Nikolaev restaurants?

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Today on e-mail "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" the statement of one of heads of the Nikolaev regional organization the Ukrainian People's Party came. We provide to you the statement text.

"I don't think that the so-called question that "in "Hundred part" refuse to serve citizens of non Slavic appearance" is worth it attention which to it is paid by mass media and representatives of political and public organizations" - the first deputy head of the UNP Nikolaev regional organization Alexey Miroshnichenko reported.

In - the first, it is necessary to recognize objectively that negative attitude to "citizens of non Slavic appearance" in many respects is a consequence of actions of these "citizens": as the most worthy citizens of the Caucasian and east states mostly are busy in the countries, Ukraine generally should get acquainted with not the best representatives of these "ethnoses"; these "misters" often violate the criminal law of Ukraine and the rule of behavior in public places, actively thus forming negative attitude of indigenous people of Ukraine to representatives of their nationalities.

In - the second, Victor Gorbachev in this situation - the owner of the enterprise, and he has the right to choose the schedule of work of the institution, color in which to it to paint walls and a material from which to order furniture and also to order services of loaders, which will carry this furniture. If he decided to render thus additional service to the clients whom I treat also, I am simply grateful to it for it. And as professional economist (soon edition"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"will tell the readers about how Alexey Miroshnichenko was entitled "The honored economist of Ukraine") I think that V. Gorbachev's profit on increase in number of visitors who share my opinion, with surplus will cover its court costs on this matter.

Making comments on a position"National self-defense" and "Party of Regions"concerning the matter, has to notice that despite personal respect toto the leader of Nikolaev "Self-defense" S. Burnazakin, impudence with which "carriers of the southern blood" in many respects behave in Ukraine is a consequence of connivance of our law enforcement agencies. Though for objectivity it should be noted that representatives of our law-enforcement system whom also mister Sergey treated until recently, are in many respects connected just by that if the offense is made by the Ukrainian - rules of law and if the representative of so-called "minority" - is right there made noise about constitution violation, nationalism, fascism and so forth "human rights violations" quietly work. And making comments on the statement of the representativeP. Zibrov's "PR"about that Gorbachev "doesn't think neither of the future, nor of the future of the family, of the future of the city", has to express the opinion that in this situation V. Gorbachev most likely thinks and of the future of the of the city, and of the future of the business, and of the future as policy. (From edition: it should be noted that in a case which occurred in "Hundred part", it was a question in general of the citizen of Ukraine and the person it is far not the Caucasian appearance. With the same success in a hundred part could refuse to serve and the head of the UNP Nikolaev regional organization -brunette Yury Shirko).

Separately I want to emphasize that this my personal opinion as resident of Nikolaev and client of "Hundred part", instead of opinion of the Ukrainian People's Party though my many colleagues divide it. Besides, among people whom I sincerely respect and I consider as the friends, is both Armenians, and Jews, and representatives of other "non Slavic" nationalities, but it doesn't change my relation to the touched issue.

From edition "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT":according to Alexey Miroshnichenko, the question that "in "Hundred part" refuse to serve citizens of non Slavic appearance", doesn't cost that attention which to it is paid by mass media and representatives of political and public organizations. There is a question: and what then deserves attention - a press - releases which are sent by a press - service UNP?

Almost every day a press - service UNP extends materials in which puts ultimatums to Cabinet of Ministers, "Neftegaz", the coalition etc.That is, according to one of heads of the UNP Nikolaev regional organization, it is necessary to pay attention only to any transcendental problems which don't interest ordinary citizens of Ukraine?


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