The mufti of Ukraine sheikh Ahmed Tamim assures that Muslims of Nikolayevshchina with anybody don't clash

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Today, on February 24, to Nikolaev there arrived the mufti of Ukraine sheikh Ahmed Tamim. During visit the mufti plans to meet the mayor of Nikolaev and the governor of the Nikolaev area, and also the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

However first of all Ahmed Tamim met the Nikolaev journalists that through mass media to inform to inhabitants to the Nikolaev area about situation in which today there are Muslims of Nikolayevshchina.

So, according to the mufti of Ukraine, the Muslim community which needs satisfaction of the spiritual and other needs lives in our area. Despite aggressive character of Islam in the east, in the Nikolaev area the Muslim community with anybody has no friction or disputes.

"We are adjusted on dialogue. Through mass media I address to all communities, faiths and residents: I want that our position helped to change the attitude towards the people practising Islam and to create conditions under which Muslims could feel like full-fledged citizens", - the mufti of Ukraine declared.

Ahmed Tamim emphasized that in the Nikolaev area there was no conflict founded on the religious soil in which Muslims would be involved.

In this regard journalist "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" I asked the mufti to comment situation with Sotka restaurant at which don't serve persons of "non Slavic appearance" and those who practises Islam.

Ahmed Tamim answered it so: "We are adjusted on dialogue with society. Situation which was described, connected with a personal position of this person. Everyone has a right for a personal position, but personal the relation shouldn't influence the relations with society. Speaking on behalf of Muslims of the Nikolaev area, I can declare that we with anybody had no problems".


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