Балога: if to clean the government, together with Tymoshenko

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Personnel changes in the government should be considered only together with appointment of the new prime minister, the head of the secretariat of the president Victor Baloga is convinced.

In his opinion, "the persistent desire of the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko to create "team of adherents" will mean establishment in the government of dictatorship of only one opinion - the prime minister", reports a press - service of the president.

Thus Baloga indicated obvious discrepancy of personnel plans of Tymoshenko to Constitution requirements. Near legal aspects of possible changes in structure of Cabinet of Ministers the head of the secretariat paid attention to a number of the political moments.

By its assessment, in activity of the Verkhovna Rada of the sixth convocation much higher than a percent of political corruption, than in the previous structure of parliament.

"This situation causes very accurate analogies with 2006, behavior of socialists of that time and their leader Moroz. Now it is inherited skillfully by fraction of communists which learned with big benefit for itself to change Lenin ideals for pragmatical percent from implementation of especially "bourgeois" schemes", - told Baloga.

"And a position of head Goskomarkhiva - a pleasant bonus from Tymoshenko for continued support and the help. Absurdity and cynicism of such situation in parliament confuses only ten - the second deputies, but arranges all others including the head of the Verkhovna Rada", - was added by him.

Балога noted that the prime minister through changes in structure of Cabinet of Ministers wants to resolve some issues at the same time. In particular, "to concrete" any manifestations of dissent of ministers and to reach the unanimous vote finished to automatism according to governmental decisions.

Besides, to force out from the government of those members of the government who are an obstacle in a way of an embodiment of tactical plans of Tymoshenko and BYuT, adds Baloga.

Also, according to him, the prime minister will pay portfolios for the support in BP to those political forces which suddenly started showing ardent love unusual earlier to the head of the government.

"From - for it in a zone of risk there were ministers to which work it wasn't made any serious complaint.However their potential successors should understand that real participation in government activity but only illusion", - Baloga is convinced is offered to them not.

The head of the secretariat noted: "There are all bases to assume that BYuT will hire in any way deputies for productive vote, the same communists and "any friends" that will strengthen only corruption disintegration of parliament".

"But even personnel updating of Cabinet of Ministers won't relieve responsibility for an economic crisis in the country, mass dismissals, growth of debts, falling of a standard of living of people from the prime minister", - emphasized Baloga.


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