Leonid Podolsky's widow will return to Muslims a site for mosque construction?

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Today, on February 24, to Nikolaev there arrived the mufti of Ukraine sheikh Ahmed Tamim. Ahmed Tamim met the Nikolaev journalists that through mass media to inform to inhabitants to the Nikolaev area about situation in which today there are Muslims of Nikolayevshchina.

According to him, the most actual at present is the problem of construction of a mosque - in our area at the inhabitants practising Islam while there is no special temple in which it is possible to make a prayer. Negotiation process with local governments about it proceeds here 16 years, from the moment of making decision on creation of conditions for mosque construction after the Muslim community will be created. However the community is already created, and the issue of earth transfer under a mosque isn't resolved.

Feature of this situation is also that fact that Muslims of Nikolayevshchina ask to give them a concrete site under mosque construction, namely the site located around Park of Petrovsky, where more than hundred years was the Muslim temple.

"We addressed in local governments, wrote letters to the President of Ukraine and to the Cabinet, I personally communicated with the mayor Vladimir Chaika. The mayor sympathized, promised to promote in the matter, but still solved nothing", - Ahmed Tamim declared.

Before recent time this territory belonged to the deputy of the City Council Leonid Podolsky. After his death the widow of the dead addressed to the mayor with the offer to return to city property Park Petrovsky, leased by her husband. In this regard the question of return to Muslims of this site became again actual.


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