With debt on a salary at Shipbuilding plant of 61 Communards nothing can be made! And those who don't come "to a carpet" to the authorities, will communicate with prosecutor's office …

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Today, on February 24, in the Small Hall of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies meeting of the city commission on questions of payment of debt on a salary at the Nikolaev enterprises took place.

Debtors on salary payment in Nikolaev today are 21 enterprises.

The most deplorable situation developed on GP "Shipbuilding Plant of 61 Communard". The debt on a salary to workers makes 5,2 million hryvnias. In additives to it exists also debt to the Pension Fund of 8,4 million hryvnias.

At meeting of this commission from Plant of 61 Communards there was a deputy director general of plant for economy Galina Panchenko who couldn't answer accurately when the debt on a salary to labor staff of plant will be extinguished.

She only reported that employees of the state enterprise "Shipbuilding Plant of 61 Communards" collect signatures for plant privatization as consider that the state is the inefficient owner, and all documents with autographs of members of labor collective on Wednesday will be sent to the Ministry of industrial policy of Ukraine.

"The serious investor who will be able to provide it with commercial orders" is necessary to the enterprise, - Galina Panchenko declared.

While the plant is listed the enterprises, unliable privatizations, the management of plant sees only one exit where to find money for repayment of debt to labor collective.

"We wait for permission from Minprompolitiki on realization of non-core assets", - the deputy director general of Plant of 61 Communards declared.

She reported that last week auction on sale of shop of wall materials took place, but means from its realization went to the state budget, instead of to repayment of debts to people. The matter is that realization of this property took place according to State property fund plans. The shop was sold for 7 million UAH.

Also, according to Galina Panchenko, aggravates a situation and that the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine doesn't transfer funds on the maintenance of the cruiser "Ukraine".

Understanding all complexity of the current situation, the first deputy of the Nikolaev mayor Yury Granaturov declared that he feels sincerely sorry for the director general of plant Igor Kozyrev. "The person built so many years the career, wanted to become the director of the enterprise and at it it turned out. It is a pity that at such crisis moment", - Yu. Granaturov told.

As a result, practically all members of this commission simply established the fact - nothing in this situation can be made.

Yury Granaturov gave an example of ChSZ which paid off today with all debts on a salary as results of work of this commission, having sold part of the assets.

At all other enterprises which heads were invited to meeting of the commission, the sum of debt is some orders less, than at Plant of 61 Communards.

According to the first deputy of the mayor Yury Granaturov, are long on a salary and difficulty at the enterprises arose from - for short-sightedness of heads of these enterprises.

"All worked "from wheels". Stabilization funds on a crisis case weren't created. At first pumped up banks, then the state … therefore now all sit in a debt hole", - Yury Granaturov declared.

There were also those who simply ignored this meeting. Them, according to the vice-the mayor, the prosecutor's office will be engaged.


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