"Surge in interest to wind power in Ukraine is connected with introduction of "a green tariff" since January of this year", - the director of the Nikolaev JSC ESTA Ltd Oleg Astakhov

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Legislation coming into effect about "a green tariff" according to which price of electricity in 2009 will make 66, 24 kopeks of alternative sources for 1 kW - hour (without the VAT) does wind power by investment attractive branch in Ukraine. Such opinion was expressed by Oleg Astakhov, the director of JSC ESTA Ltd (Nikolaev), during a meeting at the enterprise with the management regional торгово - industrial chamber.
The ESTA enterprise specializing on production of products from composite materials, was the pioneer in the sphere of production of plastic blades for the Ukrainian wind power installations.

- We let out more than one thousand blades for the 100 kW wind power installations which were made since the end 90-x according to the license of the American company Kenetech Windpower, - Oleg Astakhov tells.

Over time nikolayevets in this market were pressed by the Southern Machine-Building Plant, become osnovny the producer ветроагрегатов in Ukraine. But, thanks to that on quality of works with the composite materials "ESTA" practically hasn't equal, the Nikolaev enterprise has today the stable volume of work on repair of blades of other producers. In addition, designers of "ESTY" developed unique technology of fastening of the plastic blade to the metal, considerably increasing a resource of work of VEU.

- The matter is that change of the blade of the wind turbine - process rather difficult, - is told by Oleg Astakhov. - Itself ветроагрегат always settles down on a high tower to replace the blade, it is necessary to remove the unit. Even during the work with installations by power 600кВт, it is technically difficult. Technicians for installation and service of units by power 2МВт (the most widespread now in Europe) in Ukraine practically aren't present.

Despite problems with financing ветроэлектроэнергетики, Ukraine is the leader among CIS countries on development of this type of alternative power engineering. Total rated capacity of the Ukrainian VES makes 68 MWt. After introduction of "a green tariff" the financial position of wind farms becomes more attractive. So, for 2009 of NKRE of Ukraine established a tariff for VES of 66, 24 kopeks for 1 kW - hour (without the VAT) which sharply increased profitability of investment projects in the wind power sphere.
Today "ESTA" owns opportunities of a mass production practically any designs from coal plastics and other composite materials: blades for ветроагрегатов, coolers and industrial fans, gondolas for the same ветроагрегатов, radiotransparent shelters of antennas, etc. After introduction to a new production site, the enterprise can release blades over 60 m long
The separate area of work is connected with production of plastic yachts and boats from 4,5 m to 15,5 m long
The director of JSC ESTA Ltd and the management of RTPP of the Nikolaev area discussed prospects of expansion of cooperation of the enterprise and chamber. "High quality of production and modern level of technologies which we here saw, install confidence that opportunities for cooperation of "ESTY" with other enterprises of the region far isn't settled", - the president Nikolayevskoy торгово - industrial chamber Sergey Vlasenko noted.


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