Kravchuk answered Yushchenko

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The first President Leonid Kravchuk opposes impeachment to the president Victor Yushchenko and claims that it independently made the decision to urge Yushchenko to resign.

He declared it on a press - conferences.

"My position is that impeachment is an extreme step in relation to the president. I wouldn't like that Yushchenko was declared impeachment, and all its activity which it carried out for 4 years, was crossed out as impeachment is a crushing on the president", - Kravchuk told.

He declared that supports more humane measures, namely Yushchenko's voluntary giving in resignation and carrying out snap presidential election.

We will remind that on February 24 the president of 1991-1994 Leonid Kravchuk I urged the president Victor Yushchenko to resign.

In his opinion, such step of the president can prevent many problems, calm society and revive in it hope for real recovery from the crisis.

Yushchenko considers that some politicians use Kravchuk in the election campaign.

In turn, Kravchuk declares that he independently made the decision to urge Yushchenko to resign.

"That it suddenly Tymoshenko's staff fell in love with Leonid Makarovich Kravchuk?... Speech writers with whom presidents after me surrounded themselves aren't necessary to me... When I made the decision to address to the president, to me it was difficult," - he told.

The deputy of Rada from fraction of Party of Regions Anna Hermann considers as the purpose of this appeal of Kravchuk - public derivation from social problems.


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