"Gazprom" can reduce on March 8 supply of gas to Ukraine, - "The Businessman - Ukraine"

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"Gazprom" board of directors heard on February 24 information "of a condition of calculations for natural gas from managing subjects of Ukraine and strategy in the relations with NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy. One of participants of meeting reported that the deputy chairman of board of "Gazprom" Andrey Kruglov stated concern about a bad condition of payments of consumers of natural gas in Ukraine. "If 400 million dollars don't arrive on March 7, 8 - Ukraine again should be disconnected", - reported a source with reference to A.Kruglov. Other high-ranking source in "Gazprom" confirmed that such plan is really developed. "The company will fulfill the obligations to consumers and to transport gas in former volumes. But gas volume on an entrance to Ukraine will be reduced - the fuel intended for "Naftogaz" won't be delivered free of charge", - noted a source. In a press - monopoly service officially refused to make comments on these statements.

Past week "Naftogaz" notified "Gazprom" on possible deterioration of calculations from - for growth of debt of the enterprises of municipal power system of 552 million dollars. Under the contract "Naftogaz" it is obliged to direct monthly to the Russian monopoly payments for fuel no later than the 7th date following delivery. In total in 2009 of NAK has to pay 14,4 billion dollars, from which 360-450 million dollars - for February.In case of the first non-payment the contract between the companies provides transition to advance system of calculations.

We will remind, on January 1 "Gazprom" stopped supply of gas to Ukraine in connection with existence of a debt of 680 million dollars and absence of the agreement on supply of fuel for 2009 on January 7 gas transit in EU through the territory of the country was stopped. It was succeeded to renew it only after signing on January 19 the new agreement between "Gazprom" and "Naftogaz".

Press - the secretary of NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy Valentin Zemlyansky reported that the company yet didn't receive from "Gazprom" of notices of possible reduction of supply of gas. "We count that to us all - will be possible to accumulate the necessary sum of money till March 7 and to pay off", - V. Zemlyansky declared. The source close to the company, considers that "Naftogaz" can independently find about 100-160 million dollars. And the acting chairman of the board of NBU Anatoly Shapovalov explained yesterday that for calculations with "Gazprom" in February "Naftogaz" can buy about 400 million dollars from National Bank, passing the interbank market. Thus, in his opinion, pressure upon an exchange rate from - for calculations of the Ukrainian gas monopolist won't be created. In a press - Cabinet service on the decision of "Gazprom" refused to make comments.

According to the analyst of IK "Renaissance Capital" Pyotr Grishin, the credits allocated with the state banks can be the only source of means for repayment of a debt. It reminds that "Naftogaz" is in a difficult financial position, and Ukraine as the state has the highest in Europe an indicator of riskiness of capital investments. "Earlier "Naftogaz" three foreign banks - Credit Swisse credited, Deutche Bank and Russian "An alpha - bank". The first of them is now occupied with the refund, given out to Ukravtodor. The second refused to NAK in September. The third has opportunity to credit under 15% in currency of much less risky Russian creditors. At NAK one road - to Oshchadbank or Ukreksimbank", - P. Grishin is sure.

The head of the supervisory board of Oshchadbank Daniil Volynets confirmed that his bank is ready to allocate the credit to "Naftogaz" on former conditions. "The National Bank on request of the government will transfer us money which we under half-percent for service will provide to "Naftogaz". It is quite working scheme which has been already tested by us in November and December", - D. Volynets reported.The expert of IK Dragon Capital Vitaly Vavrishchuk noted that granting such credit won't lead to inflation as the credit won't be spent within the country. "Granting the credits to "Naftogaz" from NBU gold and foreign exchange reserves already became a rule. But now these stocks are necessary for hryvnia exchange rate deduction, and their gradual reduction can lead to that NBU won't cope with it", - V. Vavrishchuk added.


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