Oleg Novikov met the head of GNA in the Nikolaev area Leonid Korchagin

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Last week meeting of the working group of Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on fight against corruption and organized crime took place.

At this meeting there was a management of the Public tax administration of Ukraine, SBU, system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and People's Deputies of Ukraine.

The problem of corruption and fight against it, in particular in bodies of tax service became the main subject for discussion. The matter is especially actual during financial crisis when the state needs effective filling of the budget.

Throughout a subject today, on February 26, during working visit to the Nikolaev area the People's Deputy of Ukraine Oleg Novikov met the head облГНА Leonid Korchagin. Leonid Vasilyevich told to the People's Deputy that the plan for filling of the state budget and regional budgets is carried out, despite certain difficulties.

In return Oleg Novikov appealed to the head облГНА to be loyal when checking the enterprises of small and medium business.
"Small and medium business is, first of all, people behind whom there are their families, and today, during crisis, to them it is heavy. Therefore it is worth being more human, checking small business in respect of payment of taxes though malicious violators of the tax legislation anyway have to be made responsible", - Oleg Novikov declared.


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