In Nikolaev discussed the project of development of systems of water supply and water disposal in Nikolaev. The contract on cooperation between Minzhilkommunkhoz and the Nikolaev city council

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Today, on February 26, in Nikolaevsk the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies passes meeting of the Interdepartmental commission which considers the Project of development of systems of water supply and water disposal in Nikolaev.

On this action there is a mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika, the deputy minister concerning housing and communal services of Ukraine Irina Zapatrina, the director of GKP "Nikolayevvodokanal" Vasily Telpis, representatives of the Ministry of Economics of Ukraine, the Ministry of protection of surrounding environment of Ukraine, the European bank of reconstruction and development (European Reconstruction and Development Bank), Institute of the budget and socially - economic researches, directors of the Ukrainian water utilities, etc.

At meeting the condition of realization joint is discussed with the European investment bank "The project of development of systems of water supply and a drainage system in Nikolaev". Implementation of this project depends on the successful solution of technical, economic and legislative problems.

In the opening speech the Nikolaev mayor V. Chaika told about history of the city of Nikolaev, that till 1996 the city was closed. Vladimir Dmitriyevich and that he already the third time is chosen to a position of the Nikolaev mayor didn't forget to mention, and to tell about progress in implementation of various projects.

Vladimir Chaika noted that implementation of this project is very important for the city as water supply and water disposal system very old and for its further normal functioning it is just necessary to carry out reconstruction.

In turn, the deputy minister on questions zhilishchno - municipal services of Ukraine Irina Zapatrina reported that the project of reconstruction of system of water supply and water disposal in Nikolaev is "pilot" as till this time the European investment bank didn't work with the municipal enterprises. According to her, further cooperation of this bank with Ukraine will depend on implementation of this project.

The director of KP "Nikolayevvodokanal" Vasily Telpis told that the project consists from 2-x parts: short-term (8 years) and long-term (20-25 years).Implementation of the long-term project provides construction of new treatment facilities on biological sewage treatment and a network of self-flowing collectors for the purpose of production optimization. Preliminary cost - about 50 million EUR. Implementation of the short-term project assumes capital repairs of sites of networks, reconstruction and modernization of treatment facilities of the sewerage, introduction of energy saving technologies, etc. in the total cost of 27,29 million EUR, including an irrevocable grant of EU.

"The general wear of treatment facilities of a water supply system - 43%, are in an accident condition of about 55 km of water supply systems water losses in which make to 30%. Condition of treatment facilities of the sewerage - critical: in an accident condition of 5 entrance lattices from 7 - ми operating, 4 sections of aerotenok are uninvolved, 80 km of sewer networks are in an accident condition, and all this, naturally, worsens quality of sewage treatment. Urgent replacement is demanded by system of self-flowing collectors which create threat of life of people and create difficulties for movement of the motor transport", - V. Telpis reported.

Payback of the project was repeatedly discussed at sessions of the Nikolaev city council. Settlement payback of the project will make 8 years, and GKP "Nikolayevvodokanal" profit becomes a source of payback and repayment of the credit of EIB. If to speak about the credit, till 2017 "Nikolayevvodokanal" has to return to the European Investment Bank of 18,12 million EUR, including the credit - 15,54 million EUR, credit service - 0,266 million EUR, percent for the credit - 2,311 million EUR.

After that was the contract on cooperation between Minzhilkommunkhoz and the Nikolaev city council is signed.

The Nikolaev mayor V. Chaika called this signing by the historical moment. "On signing of this contract drew the Ministry, and we insisted twice. Now it is possible to tell that we are partners. Local governments want to be partners of our government", - the Nikolaev mayor V. Chaika declared.


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