Almost all small foreign banks got on currency speculation in Ukraine

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About two tens averages and the small banks convicted of speculation in currency in the interbank market, underwent rigid criticism of the government during a meeting of authorities in the secretariat of the president on Friday, February 27. I reported a source in the secretariat of the president about it.

According to the informed bankers, all small foreign banks, and also some averages and a number of small banks got to number of the accused with the Ukrainian capital, trading in currency on Mezhbank at the rate, above a so-called average rate of dollar practically.

Thus, according to the source, the highest ranks of SBU, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Offices of Public Prosecutor which were also present at a meeting, promised to the management of the guilty banks to take the appropriate measures if they once again afford поспекулировать.

Thus in comments the interrogated representatives of the "guilty" banks declared that became speculation victims. According to them, when from - for solutions of NBU all large banks started performing currency transactions through couple гривня - euro, in dollars the establishments serving nonresidents which became victims of the small banks specializing on currency speculation traded only.

"They offered small volumes of currency for sale, overestimating quotations. Our clients - nonresidents, seeing constantly growing dollar rate, we were ready to buy it at any price - if only to leave Ukraine", - bankers noted.

Also, according to their information as small banks weren't able to sell large volumes of currency to nonresidents, one very large regional bank had to make it.


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