"Nibulon" the first received grain on account of the VAT

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At meeting in the government concerning agrarian and industrial complex decided to finance a sowing campaign due to grain export from Agrarian fund. Grain traders - not against.

The banking system in a current crisis season can't act as the partner of agrarian sector not only in granting the new credits, but also prolongation of the already existing. Today from 3,853 billion UAH of the agrarian credits necessary to prolongation it is prolonged by 1,489 billion UAH, and this process becomes all less effective, write Economic news.

In the article "Export Will Rescue a Sowing Campaign" in particular it is said that for sowing campaign financing to landowners means from debt on the VAT to exporters of grain will be actually redirected.

The author of article refers to the government resolution of February 4 on which the VAT to exporters will come back in the natural form - money will be given in detail for purchase by the grain companies in Agrarian fund for further export. The agrarian fund will start up the received funds for purchases of grain future and last crops, thereby providing to landowners of means on carrying out a sowing campaign. Experts note that this unprecedented mechanism, undoubtedly, now almost only way to sate agrarian and industrial complex with money though hardly it is possible to call it market.

The first in the country according to this scheme on account of the VAT the Nibulon company (within sale of AF of 500 thousand tons продзерна) already received grain. The head of the company Alexey Vadatursky noted that the scheme offered by the government is quite viable though its realization is complicated by bureaucratic procedures. "The set of references from different instances is necessary, on their collecting time" is spent, - he speaks. In return, in Tax administration, whose money pays the grain bought by traders, asked the companies to force performance of all organizational procedures. "We ask to accelerate grain traders opening of accounts in State treasury", - the deputy head of GNAU Sergey Chekashkin told.

According to this scheme during the last days February it was planned to send to AF of 1,3 billion UAH, in March - 2,2 billion UAH. That in February to come to the sum stipulated by the prime minister Yu. Tymoshenko, in addition to already realized 550 thousand tons продзерна (for them 625 million UAH were obtained), it is necessary to sell 211 thousand more.t (it is offered for sale) and 200 more thousand tons. In total from grain export the government plans to attract for carrying out a sowing campaign of 3 billion UAH

Big grain sale

All resources which AF have, are in a trade dress, the structure while has no cash. For the greatest revenue the Agrarian fund intends to sell the greatest possible amount of grain. It is planned to use even that grain which formally isn't yet in AF property. "There is an offer - that grain which landowners sold last year in pledge (it is redeemed for 60% of cost with the right of repayment by the landowner, AF it automatically carries over at the end of the marketing year if the seller didn't redeem party), to redeem at the market price and to transfer to traders", - Yulia Timoshenko speaks. We will remind that at the end of last year AF for maintenance of the prices of fodder in domestic market started accepting as a deposit corn and fodder barley. On a question of the prime minister, whether there is at participants of the market a desire to redeem from AF these cultures at the market price after AF, in turn, will redeem them from the landowners, the exporters who were in a hall answered with an expected consent.

Following the results of meeting Cabinet of Ministers it was decided to make changes to the mechanism of pricing of AF also. "We prepare changes in the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers to lift limits at minimum price - 1251 UAH/t, then the Agrarian fund will be able to buy grain of a crop of 2008 only at the average prices, without restriction", - the minister of an agrarian policy Yury Melnik told. The bought grain will be on sale to traders taking into account a payment for storage, and, thus, as a result the price of parties can be higher than the market.

According to informal data, between traders also the competition for parties from AF as the volume of grain which can be received on account of the VAT at the state operator, is limited, and quality parties already was outlined - it is even less. Especially as opportunity to hold the most qualitative grain of the third class is already discussed. "I consider that the third class it is necessary to hold, keep gold reserves. After all now there is a unique opportunity to sell other groups, the fourth class and fodder, - Ivan Tomich, the president of Association of farmers and private land owners of Ukraine notes. - We don't know what will be a crop this year and what will be its quality".

Not to be fond of bulk sellings of stocks from AF with the purpose to provide with money a sowing campaign traders ask also."Better let the third class remains in Agrarian fund that then at the end of summer charges didn't begin that someone took out something superfluous", - Alexey Vadatursky speaks.

One in the field

The present sowing campaign becomes unique not only from - for the crisis phenomena in economy. If earlier participants of the market criticized Agrarian fund for a divergence (except the last season, work of the state agent in the market was not too active), this year AF the key part is assigned - on AF all state resources for branch support are concentrated. "I want to emphasize that AF is the only tool which will give the chance to the state to support agrosector, - Yulia Timoshenko speaks. - All of us pass through AF, not through hundreds bureaucrats, through local government which can receive kickbacks, and we close everything at this level".

Besides sale of grain of last crops, AF is engaged in spot purchases, provides purchases of diesel fuel and mineral fertilizers at preferential prices, and also, probably, will carry out in the near future also flour interventions. Participants of the market note that such concentration of powers and responsibility on one structure which especially doesn't have experience in global amounts of works, is at least risky. "The government tries to shift all responsibility for carrying out to the veseena - field works to Agrarian fund, - the Minister of Agriculture of the oppositional government Victor Slauta told. - To agrarian fund the task to provide a sowing campaign almost is under way set. Nevertheless money for it it wasn't allocated. Any kopek! ".

Representatives of landowners are adjusted more optimistically. "I don't predict global problems in a sowing campaign in spite of the fact that it is carried out with the reduced participation of the banking sector. The main thing - to provide the normal prices of grain group. And weather - it isn't worse, than last record year! " - Ivan Tomich speaks.

Anna KOVALCHUK, "Economic news"


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