In "Natsgvardiya" of the Crimea consider that weren't obliged to protect the taken Ukrainian parts: "by the law it isn't provided"

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Internal troops of the Crimean territorial command of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine didn't take any measures for release of the Ukrainian military units seized by the Russian armies and the ships in the Crimea as it didn't belong to their duties.

About it in the comment «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» the officer of group of public relations and mass media of the Crimean territorial command of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine captain Egor Zhuchenko declared.

So, according to him, the staff of the Crimean territorial command of Internal troops of Ukraine is right to the oath. At present, according to Zhuchenko, internal troops in the Crimea perform tasks according to the law of Ukraine «About militia» and «About Internal troops» , serve on a convoy, protect consulates and a public order on streets.

On specifying question of the correspondent «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» , whether the Ukrainian employees VV together with the Russian occupational armies and to whom transfer the detained troublemakers serve, the captain told that they didn't come to service.

Answering a question why numerous structure of fighters of internal troops who are deployed in the Crimea, didn't take part in assistance to the Ukrainian military personnel who for a month were blocked by the Russian armies, the captain Zhuchenko declared:

- You should read our law, there everything is written: that, as well as why. We carry out our duties according to Laws «About militia» and «About Internal troops» also we act in rules of law of Ukraine. That is we can't violate the law, - Zhuchenko declared.

It is known that on March 19 Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov I declared that in the Crimea there are three thousand fighters of National guard of Ukraine. Thus, in to group of public relations and mass media of the Crimean territorial command of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine noted that the National guard group in the Crimea isn't created yet.

It should be noted that in system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine 13 special forces work. Among them three - a regiment of a special purpose «Tiger» , group of fighting swimmers «Slope» and razvedyvatelno - a diversionary company «Shadow» , which settle down in the territory ARE the Crimea. To their duties belongs: detention of the armed criminals, release of hostages; neutralization of diversionary groups and counteraction to terrorism; protection of port and hydrotechnical designs, especially important objects, sea vessels; fight against terrorism on water and under water; on special forces «Shadow» duties on carrying out deep investigation in temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, diversionary work, resistance organization in the back of the enemy are assigned.

We will note that article 19 of the Law about «Internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine» says about that the structure of VV has to «to conduct prosecution, to carry out detentions, to make out primary documents to transfer to law-enforcement bodies or safety of criminals and the persons who have made attack on protected object, guard staff, military dress or trying to cross the line of protection of object». However, this law lost the force in connection with acceptance by the Verkhovna Rada of the Law «About National guard of Ukraine» On March 13 current year.

Article 1 of the Law «About National guard of Ukraine» :

«The national guard of Ukraine is military formation with law-enforcement functions, enters into system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and is intended for performance of tasks of protection and protection of life, the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens, society and the state from criminal and other illegal encroachments, protection of a public order and ensuring public safety, and also in interaction with law enforcement agencies - on ensuring state security and protection of frontier, suppression of terrorist activity, activity illegal militarized or paramilitary groups (groups), the terrorist organizations, the organized groups and the criminal organizations.

Article 17 of this Law says that one of tasks of fighters of National guard is «release of the hostages, the seized buildings, constructions, rooms, vehicles and sites of the district».

Thus, as the officer Egor Zhuchenko reported, the structure structure of the Crimean territorial command of the Ministry of Internal Affairs receives a salary in time.

- All get paid as it is necessary, we with it had no problems, - he told.

It is also remarkable that six deputies are the share of one head of department of the Crimean territorial command of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is known that privileges are provided to employees of Internal troops of Ukraine: one year of their service is considered for two.

Thus six deputies who, obviously, as well as all other staff of the Crimean BROADCASTING COMPANY, getting paid in time from the State budget of Ukraine together with the chief, decided to withdraw from performance of the duties.

Thus the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine headed by the minister Arsen Avakov any statements about it didn't make till today and didn't undertake any actions concerning, at least an assessment of a divergence of the management of management.

We will remind, since the end of February of the current year Russia осущетсвила intervention concerning Ukraine, when military of the Russian Federation without identification marks and without any explanations started blocking, and after - to seize military units of VSU, and also objects of transport infrastructure, in particular the airports in all territory of the peninsula.

Besides, as of March 26 a flag of the Russian Federation it is lifted over 51 ships Voyenno - naval forces of Ukraine.

Анастасия Баранова

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