In Nikolaev the exhibition of works of a creative duet of Alexander Ipatyev and Alla Pechalova

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6-го March, on Friday, at 18.00, in "Gallery on Spasskaya 45" opening of an exhibition of Alexander Ipatyev and Alla Pechalova "the Nocturne-2" will take place.
Creative duet Alexander Ipatyev and Alla Pechalova resumed the "night" art researches almost in four years after their last joint exhibition in On Spasskaya 45 gallery. And, as the nocturne musical, being one of classical forms of pieces of music, assumes existence of constant components, and Ipatyev and Pechalova's nocturnes show a form and content invariance: we have all as night, as the magic time of secrets changing our perception of the world, the same expression in Ipatyev's works, the same force in Pechalova's metal objects.

On the eve of the first spring holiday which has been absolutely fairly devoted to women, we open this exhibition which is a peculiar demonstration of essence of female character - spontaneity inherent in it, to emotionality, force in weakness and weakness as to invincible force. The woman and art honor that concepts - synonyms, they are appreciably related, first of all through the communication with magic, sensuality and the intuitive beginning. Therefore an exhibition of two artists who have no professional art education behind shoulders, with "pacifying" parameters inherent in it, but, conducted by the intuition, comprehend essence of art in its subconscious spontaneity and immanent sensuality, it seems to us the worthy beginning of spring.

The expressivity of works of Ipatyev speaks about a sudden flow of the overtaken artist of inspiration, a powerful spontaneous rush. The artist as if is captured by creative elements, the certain whirlwind which carried by on "cosmic speed" and has disappeared in a flash. And only "traces" on paper, newspapers, drawings, wall-paper - on all that was near at hand at the time of a creative rush, speak about powerful emotional experience. Forms are given only by a hint, colors as if leave subjects, carrying the same whirlwind, move, mix up, blur. These works remind escaping night visions with their multiple layers and ambiguity.

Alla Pechalova's works at first sight seem others because they are made of rigid, not escaping not so and quite dense metal, but in them there is a deep relationship with Ipatyev's works. It is attracted also by elements - elements of a creative rush and elements of fire by means of which its night flowers grow from shapeless metal. That is important in these works is an understanding of essence of a material, rigid and strong, but, at the same time, soft, plastic, melting in skillful hands and provided that heat enough is applied. The essence reminding essence of the real strong women to whom force has to suffice to keep this world in integrity.


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