In special troops "Nikolaev" won't take "negative elements", and to his employees will allow to use the weapon

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Taras Kremin and Artur Voitenko
On Saturday, April 19, in UMVD Recreation center of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area presented a special battalion of patrol service of militia «Nikolaev».

Earlier it was reported that in Nikolaev in the accelerated mode take people in new special troops for fight with Russian to saboteurs and. 

As the deputy chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of Nikolayevshchina the colonel Artur Voitenko, the new created division, according to the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs specified, will be called «Nikolaev» , though already managed to receive the informal name «Saint Nikolay».

- Creation of divisions of this kind is caused by events which are developed recently in the country. First of all, the appeal is turned to patriots, people who worry about that occurs around, support tranquillity and wellbeing of our city. To the people having experience of performance of special operations, operations, - the commander of a battalion Vitaly Goncharov told.

The head of the Nikolaev regional council Taras Kremin who was present on presentation, specified that a battalion «Nikolaev» is the temporary formation, urged to support militia, security forces.

The new division is designed for 300 people, a place of its dislocation already defined, the staff list of a battalion is at present approved. The new specialgroup will submit to the chief of the regional Department of Internal Affairs general Yury Sednev. In ranks of new division take men aged from 20 till 45 years having experience of service in the ranks of power structures and able to handle the weapon. The volunteers, wishing to enter new group, should hand over the same standards, as to police officers–as on physical, and psychological preparation.

Vitaly Goncharov

At present about 15 people are ready to appointment in ranks of a battalion «Nikolaev». Every day in militia volunteers address, but the zamnachalnik of the Department of Internal Affairs would like that this process developed more actively.    

Members of a battalion for patrol of streets will be given out the weapon and will allow it to apply, but only in the cases determined by the Law of Ukraine about militia–for example, if there is a threat of life of the militiaman.Voitenko promised that work of new patrols of a battalion «Nikolaev» it will be coordinated with already existing PPS dresses. Voitenko promised that the former security officers dismissed from service for violations of the law won't get to ranks of new specialgroup.

- When the division will be created and its employees will put on a uniform, they will submit to all laws to which the militia…submits Criminals and a negative element shouldn't get to ranks of this division, - told Voitenko.      

The salary of employees of new division, according to Voitenko, will be similar to salaries which are received by militiamen, the staff of patrol service. Previously, to serzhantsky structure about 3 thousand hryvnias a month will pay, to officers–3,5 thousand. Besides, surcharges are possible from local authorities if those make the relevant decision. Also It should be noted that to the former security officers who have entered new division, will temporarily suspend payment of pension–for the period of service in a battalion. Upon termination of service of payment of pension will renew.  

It is possible to enroll in new special forces in department of a complete set of shots облУМВД (the building at the corner of streets Big Sea and Decembrists, an office 14). The set is carried out daily from 9:00 till 18:00. 

Вадим Богданов

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