Ladies "move away" gentlemen

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For a long time duels were considered as very effective and fast way of settlement of disputes, vengeance and reputation restoration. However it isn't necessary to think that duels were exclusively man's entertainment. Women too quite often fought among themselves - generally certainly, from - for men. But sometimes happened, as with men …

Duel between the charming marchioness de Nel and the countess de Poliniac became the most known, certainly in narrow circles. They were shot from - for future cardinal, the duke de Richelieu who without false modesty told about it in the diaries. The countess won, having wounded the competitor in an ear.

The Ukrainian girls in duels while weren't noticed, but in fights - as much as necessary. So, after Vitaly Kozlowski's recent concert two of his fans nearly didn't remove one other scalp for the right to take the autograph and to be photographed with an idol. It is worth it?

The fashion peak on female duels fell on the middle of the XVII century when a good few of noble ladies of Europe participated in dismantlings. All types of weapon were used literally. And, from ten female duels eight came to an end with death (for men only 4). Ladies so grew exited that fought not only duelyantka, joined in fight of a sekundantka and even servants.

Imagine a show - ten women in the ryushikakh and the crinolines which are fiercely cutting to pieces each other than got! Not a sight for the faint of heart - but what plot for Hollywood! It is strange that there didn't guess yet …

It is possible to find records about the lady who so got the hand on duels in notes of the French historian Branton that without analysis I caused on them and men. Once it quarreled on a ball and dueled at once with two gentlemen. I pinned up one in heart, another in a throat.

The history, worthy admiration - here to modern women so to finish with offenders. However, the heroine Brantona came to a bad end - ran into the skilled duelist who put an end to her adventures.

The same Branton describes a certain actress Mopen who though didn't belong to a noble sort, but was the big squabbler and interrupted on duels to the people so many that even Louis XIV forbade it to take from now on in hand the weapon, having noticed thus that it has to be enough and female charms.

What at them there for the woman such were? Directly terminators any!

If only the historian unscrupulously doesn't invent that is quite possible.

At one time in Russia female duels were legalized. However, at fight with the man the woman could ask to act and the husband and the brother. But if fight with other woman was coming, here it was necessary to work most. Battled that is called with all the heart: рогатинами, drekoly, ослопами (a cudgel with an iron tip), and even simply hand to hand.

Truly, there are women in the Russian settlements! Incidentally not from impression with fighting women Nekrasov wrote the well-known poem?

Sophie Auguste Friederike Anchalt's fight - Tserbskoy with the three times removed sister became the duel most dangerous to Russia. Don't overcome it the competitor then, Russia could lose Catherine II who after time became Sofia Frederica. By the way, at Catherine II the Russian ladies fought with ecstasy. Only for 1765 there were 20 duels, in eight of which the queen was a second.

Though It should be noted that to kill the opponent plans a duelyantok didn't enter. The main thing - to exhaust, win morally. The satiated empress quite often itself provoked maids of honor to duels - to take a fun.

As venue of noble duels unlike men of the lady chose salons. The salon of madam Vostroukhova was the best-known salon for duels in Petersburg. Only in 1823 17 duels there took place.

In Ukraine the most known salon for women - the duelyantok is a television. Only duels here will take place not on swords, and on compromising evidences.

The most unusual duel took place between George Sand and the new friend of the composer Liszt Maria D'Agu. Ladies fought on nails. The victory wasn't won by anybody - both were equally scratched.

On nails as - that is hardish (well still, what not on spokes). It is possible also more humane ways to think up. For example, on lipsticks - who whom will smear more. Or on aerosol deodorants - who the first will sneeze. Or on hooks - who the is more than catches and arrows will set …


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