Illegal LNR forbade in the Luhansk region hamburgers and the cook - Coca

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Illegal «Lugansk national republic» I declared sanctions concerning the USA and EU and I forbade activity of the companies in the territory of the Luhansk region «McDonald's» , «The Coca-Cola Company» ,  «PepsiCo».

The corresponding leaflets appeared on city streets.

«In case of restaurant «further workMcDonald's»  in Lugansk, the building of restaurant will destroy without threat of life of clients and employees, we ask to excuse for inconveniences of staff of restaurant» , - it is spoken in a leaflet.

As transfers BBC Ukraine, in Lugansk is only one  «McDonald's» , located near the campus of the East Ukrainian state university. 

Employees  «McDonald's» say that it, most likely, someone's unsuccessful joke. Now the restaurant works in a usual mode.

We will remind that earlier self-proclaimed «Donetsk national republic»  I declared sanctions to the USA and the European Union, having forbidden entrance on the territory to a number of politicians.

We will note that territories «Lugansk national republic» , as well as  «Donetsk national republic» doesn't exist neither legally, nor politically, neither in the form of civil society, nor in the form of territorial unit.

Арина Синичкина

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