The Nikolaev three of kickboxers "took" gold, silver and bronze

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12 - On March 15 in Mariupol passed the Championship of Ukraine on a kickboxing among sports schools.

Only 3 weeks ago youngNikolaevkickboxers, by results of WAKO of the youth Championship of Ukraine, taken place on February 19-22 in Khmelnytsky, were declared the strongest in the country. And here - the next serious test.In Mariupol where passed еzhegodny WAKO the Open Championship of Ukraine among sports schools, more than 700 athletes 1991-2002 gathered. Intheir number acted andthreeoursxchildren.But what result of this youth three!

"gold" - Denis DYRENKO (44 kg, фулл - contact, SDYuSShOR-2, A.Kozachenko)

"gold" - Denis DYRENKO (44 kg, seven - contact, SDYuSShOR-2, A.Kozachenko)

"gold" - Vlas SLAVINSKY (51 kg, Lowe - кик, SDYuSShOR-2, N. Hadzhioglo)

"silver" - Vlas SLAVINSKY (51 kg, фулл - contact, SDYuSShOR-2, N. Hadzhioglo)

"silver" - Katya ZAGORODNYA (60 kg, seven - contact, "Spartak", T.Ivashchenko)

"silver" - Katya ZAGORODNYA (60 kg, light - contact, "Spartak", T.Ivashchenko)

"bronze" - Katya ZAGORODNYA (60 kg, фулл - contact, "Spartak", T.Ivashchenko)

"bronze" - Denis DYRENKO (44 kg, light - contact, SDYuSShOR-2, A.Kozachenko)

Eight medals for three!Here эthat-in traditions of the Nikolaev School of single combats!

We CONGRATULATE kickboxers!


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