The Nikolaev area accepted All-Ukrainian relay of memory in honor of 65 - the anniversaries of release from German - fascist aggressors

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According to the decision of the organization of veterans of Ukraine since February, 2008 All-Ukrainian relay of memory "Glory to liberators of Ukraine", devoted 65-й to anniversary of liberation of Ukraine from fascist aggressors is carried out.Nikolaevthe area accepted All-Ukrainian relay from the Kherson area, on March 27 - will accept it from the Kirovograd area, and on March 31 we will give a symbol of relay of Odessa region.

On March 14 on border of the Nikolaev and Kherson areas - in the Snigirevsky area, about the village of Aleksandrovka,Nikolayevshchinathe glory to liberators of Ukraine" and regional relay "Accepted All-Ukrainian relay of memory "And memory is sacred", passing in honor of 65 - the anniversaries of liberation of Ukraine from fascist aggressors. There the management of the Nikolaev area and the Snigirevsky area, representatives of the regional organization of veterans of Ukraine, journalists of local and regional mass media met delegation of the Kherson area.

- In 1944 with arrival of spring long-awaited release of area from fascist aggressors came to Nikolayevshchina also. The important place in the history of its release is taken by release of the Snigirevsky area which was a component of Bereznegovatsko - Snigirevsky operation, - the vice-chairman of the Nikolaev regional state administration Vladimir Lusta told, acting before gathered in regional recreation center.

He thanked all who exempted the Nikolaev earth from fascist aggressors who lifted Fatherland from ruins of post-war hard times, and noted, it is how important to keep and transfer to younger generation the best traditions of veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Vladimir Lusta also handed over to representatives of veteran movement certificates of honor of the Nikolaev regional state administration.

Participants were congratulated also by the vice-chairman of regional council Vladimir Pashchenko, the leaders of Bereznegovatsky and Snigirevsky areas, and also the vice-chairman of the regional organization of veterans of Ukraine Mikhail Shinkarev.

The vice-chairman of the Kherson regional public administration Larisa Olenkovskaya, in turn, gave to Vladimir Lusta a sleeve with the earth - a symbol of All-Ukrainian relay "Glory to liberators of Ukraine".

At the request of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, with assistance of the regional state administration in 2003 the symbolical flag of the Victory in honor of 60 - the anniversaries of release of the Nikolaev area from fascist aggressors was made. It found the place of honor in Nikolaevsk the museum of history of shipbuilding and fleet.

In anniversary 65 - the anniversaries of liberation of Nikolayevshchina from fascist aggressors, since March 6, this flag will accompany relay of memory which will pass through all areas and the cities of the Nikolaev area. On March 14 the Snigirevsky area accepted a flag from the Bereznegovatsky area, and tomorrow, on March 17, will pass on baton to the New Odessa area.


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