The man contained in the city of Nikolaev and hammered cattle directly at itself in the yard. Waste of a face and excrements of animals jumped out a drain

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All know that pigs and cows on a balcony will be grown up by nobody. Happens, of course, when at someone on a balcony the rooster or закудахчет chicken will start singing, but in the city it isn't enough such moments. And here as for the private sector, there is where to disperse for cattle cultivation.

It would seem, anything in it terrible isn't present. Well, the neighbor holds a cow, a pig or couple of tens chickens, and to carp there is nothing. After all all of us are people and all want to eat. However, if not to consider interests of neighbors and not to observe sanitary standards and rules according to the maintenance of a household, it is fraught with consequences, as proved today's departure to the Rocket Natural boundary (The central region of Nikolaev).

The matter is that Marina Beketskaya living in this residential district, addressed in edition with the complaint to the neighbor who is engaged not only cultivation of pets, but also their face.

From the letter which got to edition of our edition, it can sympathize only:

"... It organized in the yard of the house, just before my windows, a shed for the maintenance of pigs. Informally I equipped in the yard the adaptation for a face of pigs and cattle. The face and delivery is made daily, shout and a roar of animals intrudes upon leisure day and night. The specific smell is present constantly, not utilized interiors, bones and skins of animals jump out river canes Ingul. In a warm season it is impossible to breathe, open windows too it is impossible - there is an intolerable stench. Manure flies fly to premises and on kitchen, pork worms creep on the territory of my yard. "

Today for consideration of the complaint of Marina Beketskaya to the Rocket Natural boundary the commission as a part of which there were representatives of administration of the Central district and city veterinary service left. Before eyes of the checking the horrific image appeared: in a corner the dead doggie, everywhere dirt and "beastliness" lay. In the yard there was a stench. The owner of the yard didn't deny that he is engaged in the contents and a cattle face.By the way, checking also saw that waste of a face and excrements of animals jumped out for a fence where the drain is laid. (It would be quite good if ecological inspection became interested in this fact, after all there, near a drain - the river Ingul. ) In a word, insanitary conditions full. Representatives of the above services immediately started acting. To demand technical data sheet, to ask about disinfectors, whether the doctor comes to survey cattle before a face, and many other things. The owner answered the matters negatively. But under the law the administration, neither veterinary service, nor other city service can't forbid a face and the maintenance of animals in the yard. Therefore except protocols and acts the penalty of 17 hryvnias was imposed!

According to the representative of veterinary service, only since 2010 the face of animals on the private yards will be forbidden. It turns out, what till 2010 in the private sector of Nikolaev and "beastliness", and a grief will prosper - owners will be shone by a ridiculous penalty of 17 hryvnias?


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