In the Nikolaev area it is possible to catch the brutselezzy?

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In the village of Matrosk in the south of Odessa region found a brucellosis. Brucellosis - the illness which is equally dangerous to animals and people as strikes an internal, oporno - motive and nervous systems. For the period of quarantine export of animals and the meat use without preliminary check are forbidden.

Brucellosis in the Nikolaev area it isn't revealed, - the head of department of especially dangerous infections Regional sanitarno - epidemiological station Alexander Ignatenkov declared.

On a question how the illness can extend from Odessa on our area, the head of department noted that the infection by air isn't transmitted, the messenger is, as a rule, small - a cattle - goats, sheep.

- It is a headache of veterinary service. They have to watch export of animals in such cases. The illness can be transferred through a skin, meat, milk of animals, and also at hotel. Therefore the brutselleznykh of animals for a face don't use.

Also Alexander Ignatenkov added that the Nikolaev regional SES didn't warn about a brucellosis in Odessa region:

- We have in Ukraine a brucellosis - not the frequent phenomenon. As a rule, sick animals are delivered to our country at non-compliance with the corresponding quarantine.

Our reference:

Brucellosis (lat.Brucellosis) - zoonozny infection,being transferred from sick animals to the person, being characterized multiple defeat of bodies and human body systems.

Synonyms -Maltesefever,Mediterraneanfever, feverCyprus, feverGibraltar,wavyfever.

Infecting agent - group of microbes of a sortbrucellas.

Brucella- the bacterium, is called in honor of the Scottish medical officer of Bruce who allocated with the first and described a brucella on Malta in 1887


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