Nikolayevtsa who have legal proceedings a year with ЖЭКом, are revolted with behavior of the judge

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A year lawsuits of the inhabitant of Nikolaev Nadezhda Malyutina with ЖЭКом last. We will remind, then everything began with that ZhKP "South" filed a lawsuit against it Leninsky district and demanded to pay a debt for provided zhilishchno - utilities of 1215,81 hryvnias.

As approves ZhEK, the debt collected since 2005. The woman categorically against it. According to the legislation of Ukraine, ZhEK it is obliged to sign with residents the contract on service. But every time when Nadezhda Malyutina appealed to the chief of ZhEKA Vitaly Pishenin to sign the contract, - she was refused. Therefore the woman considers that isn't with ЖЭКом in the legal relations and, respectively, in principle isn't obliged to pay for utilities.

At the same time, Nadezhda Malyutina always regularly paid bills. But when payment for utilities increased - it refused to pay on new tariffs, having paid services at the price level of 2005 year. Thus, ZhEK removed an amount of debt - a difference between the cost of services which the inhabitant had to pay, and the sum which it actually paid. In court interests of the inhabitant are represented by city society of protection of the rights and interests of consumers.

Nikolayevtsa court against ZhEKA lost. It and her defenders are revolted with actions of the judge Galina Bogatyrchuk who conducted process. People consider that the judge was initially prejudiced and gave the preference of ZhEKU, without having left to people almost any chances. Therefore now people decided to continue trial against ZhEKA and, besides the appeal in Regional appellate court, made the complaint and to Galina Bogatyrchuk's actions addressed to the presiding judge of Leninsky district. What surprise and indignation of nikolayevets when they learned was that their complaint was considered … by Galina Bogatyrchuk!

Galina of Medvedev, the member of council of city society of protection of the rights and interests of consumers, is revolted with this fact. She says that any more doesn't trust judges who forgot about the civic duty.

Date of the following court isn't appointed yet. Nadezhda Malyutina and her defenders from society of protection of the rights of consumers intend to go all the way.If the appellate court doesn't grant their request, they will address in the following - more higher instance.


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