In Nikolaev appeared 15 - summer "Satanists"

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For prevention of disorderly conduct in "rainy day", on Friday June 13, inspectors of patrol service of militia decided to check an old city cemetery which is visited from time to time by the doubtful companies committed to different informal youth currents.

That day, closer by midnight the company of teenagers consisting of twenty guys and three girls decided to visit a cemetery. Young people, assuming that in this "secluded" place anybody, except them isn't present, behaved, to put it mildly, not absolutely adequately. However at appearance of police officers the minors, which age from 15 to 17 years, began to prove that no relation to devilish sects have. Thus and young men and girls were dressed in dark clothes, and the last had a "standard" make-up: combination of black paint to a white make-up on a face.

On a cemetery this day children explained the presence differently - someone wanted to receive an adrenaline dose, it is simple to someone to diversify the leisure. For this purpose they began to wander between graves and to tell each other the terrible - prestrashny stories. Well, and the corresponding scenery gave to stories even more frightening effect. Though there were also other versions - a pier, came back home from the small river and not to bypass, decided to go through a cemetery the way through which is much shorter than the usual.

It is necessary to add that courage the minor придалото that before a campaign on a cemetery they took alcoholic drinks. Besides, some of them already had an experience of carrying out a night sit-round gathering on a cemetery on Friday, and not only on 13 - m to numbers about what it was reported to militiamen even with some pride.

It isn't known, than stay on it so resolutely adjusted on receiving a dose of adrenaline of teenagers, if not militia would turn back directly for a cemetery on that Friday June 13. There is a wish to hope that they really were going to be limited to a "peace" sit-round gathering with stories about horror stories.


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