The mayor of Lviv promised to journalists of money for an alcoholic druzhinnichestvo

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On Monday, March 23, in the Lvov city council during urgent meeting on identification of the facts of sale of alcohol to children which "was urgently announced" on Friday, the mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovy appealed to representatives of mass media to make journalistic investigations for the purpose of identification of booths in which to minors sell alcohol, tobacco and beer.

I reported a press about it - service of the Lvov city council.

The matter is that on March 19 on one of local channels of Lviv, under control city Garden, there was a plot where sale to minors of alcohol and tobacco was recorded. Respectively, Garden wanted that also other mass media repeated a feat. "Beer and alcohol have to be on sale only in specialized shops, about their realization in МАФах out of the question. And for the journalists, independent mass media and activists of public organizations it is necessary to establish city awards for identification of the facts of sale by the minor of alcohol. We will send them to appropriate authorities and very much we hope that all services which are related to it" will instantly react to these facts, - declared Garden.


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