Organizers of disorder on the Maidan offer Yu. Lutsenko the help

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National association "Board", which, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is involved in disorder of the tent town

on the Independence Maidan on March 20, declares readiness in every possible way to promote law enforcement bodies in performance of the functions put on them.

Association declares "impunity of numerous actions on capture by marginal politicians and the paid mercenaries of central squares, parks, squares, overlappings of streets, blockings of work of authorities".

"The main task of customers of such actions - destabilization of life of the country, intimidation of peace citizens, a raising of a criminal wave, creation in the society of the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty in tomorrow", - are convinced of "Board".

"The main goal of puppeteers who stand behind these actions, is quite clear - to paralyze will of citizens to action, most to weaken controlling functions of the state and to carry out property and imperious redistribution in gangster style 90-x years", - is added in the statement.

In this regard association calls "all honest, ranking and professional officers of militia which the majority, to become in protection of the civil world and rest, to secure our families against aggression and violence manifestations from a small group of the employed outcasts".

Association declares that its intention - "to promote establishing order on streets of our cities".

"We don't substitute for ourselves law enforcement bodies, but in case of a divergence we will act within and provisions of the law to defend all lawful and available means and methods guaranteed to us and our families a constitutional law on safety", - declares "Board".

Association considers "shameful and illegal detention on May 20 as militia special forces "Golden eagle" of support group of "Board" near premises of agency of the UNIAN".

"It is necessary to fight with those who breaks public safety, instead of with those who maintains it! ", - declares "Board" and urges militiamen "to fulfill honestly and professionally the duties, directing the forces to protection of a public order and rest in the state, instead of on protection of politicians and provokers who sow anarchy and chaos".

It is known that the chief of a capital central board Vitaly Yarema declared that disorder on the Maidan of Independence was organized by the leader of the association "Board" Alexander Emchuk.

According to one of members of association, its kernel are veterans of special units, special forces and participants of operations.


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