The Nikolaev Greeks celebrated the Independence Day of the historical homeland

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On March 29 inNikolaevsktown house of the teacher the actions devoted to the Independence Day of Greece which were organized by regional public organization of Greeks "New Hellas" took place. The head of the organization Alexander Mospanenko told present about history of a holiday and tradition of its celebration. The history of the Greek national revival began in the south of Ukraine. At the beginning of 19-го centuries in Odessa the secret revolutionary Greek organization "Filiki Eteriya" ("Friendly society") was founded.

Offices of society were almost in all large cities of Greece and in the Mediterranean Greek colonies. Ipsilanti's brothers - Alexander and Dimitros - both officers of the Russian service, close to Alexander I.

By the beginning of March in 1821 Ipsilanti at the head of the armed group passed the river Rod and lifted revolt in Moldova. However it was suppressed soon. But Ipsilanti's appearance in the Danube principalities was apprehended as a signal to mass revolt against Turks which began on March 25, 1821.

This day also began to be noted subsequently as the Independence Day of Greece. For the people of Greece and the Greek diaspora on March 25, 1821 - the most considerable date in the contemporary Greek history. Celebrating the Independence Day, Greece respects the heroic past, calls for the free, happy future.

Today onTo Nikolayevshchinalives about one and a half thousand natives of Greece which representatives took part in celebration of the state holiday of the historical homeland. Within a holiday the Greek national songs sounded, dances were executed, greetings from representatives of the regional power, the guide of the National historian - the cultural reserve "Olviya" sounded.

The head of department of affairs of nationalities of the regional state administration congratulated gathered on a holiday and reported that the head of the regional organization O. Mospanenko became a member is advisory - consultative council at the regional state administration head that testifies to a big role of the Greek society among others national - cultural societies of area.The gathered marked out as well the first chairman of the Greek society Aleksandra Mavro


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