In Nikolaev militiamen distribute to citizens the cards and instructions: "How not to become object of criminal encroachments"

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About work of local militia inspectors there is a set of opinions. But, anyway, it is necessary to agree: this work very responsible and honourable at least to that the relation of the population to militia generally is under construction on experience of communication with district police officers.

Systematically in the territory of Nikolaev and area operation under the conditional name "Visit" is performed. For the purpose of increase of awareness of police officers about a condition of an operational situation in the territory of service, the prevention and disclosure of crimes, strengthenings of cooperation with the population forces of local militia inspectors with involvement of public assistants to district police officers are carried out the preventive actions connected with visit of dwellings of citizens.

When carrying out such operation by the main thing in work of militiamen communication with citizens for the purpose of identification and solution of problems and questions which excite them is. Also, one of the main directions in work is crime prevention in the territory entrusted to the district police officer as the best possession of information on persons who are inclined to commit crimes and persons who promote them, identification of places of collecting a criminogenic element is possible.

Undoubtedly in such hard care of tranquillity of the population the indispensable assistant to the district police officer are citizens, in close contact with which always there is a local militia inspector.

Therefore, for this purpose each employee of militia involved in carrying out "Visit", is provided with cards with the indication of contact phones of local militia inspectors, call centers, locations of strong points, reception hours of citizens and an instruction: "How not to become object of criminal encroachments" which are handed over to citizens when carrying out conversations and take place militiamen in places of mass stay of people. About it reports Sector on public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of internal affairs.

Over the years approaches to the organization of a profession of the local police inspector, a form, the name changed.But its essence didn't change - to be near people and always to come them to a rescue. District police officers guard the law and a law and order, bear to people justice, tranquillity and confidence in tomorrow.


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