In Russia on the poet supporting Ukraine opened case on extremism – persecution discordant

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In Russia on the poet and the teacher Alexander Byvshev opened criminal case about extremism as regards 1 article 282 of the Criminal code of Russia.

About it reports site «Каспаров.ru».

So, Byvshev works as the teacher of German in Kroma's settlement of the Oryol region. Since the Euromaidan beginning it took the pro-Ukrainian position which expressed on social networks, publishing verses of own composition.

Byvshev's prosecution began after in local prosecutor's office the anonymous application for the poet in connection with the publication of the poem «arrivedTo the Ukrainian patriots». In department decided that Byvshev's actions are extremism and against the poet opened criminal case.

As a result of the teacher caused according to the summons. He is afraid that won't be able to go on-line soon, believes that he will have a search at which will withdraw the laptop. Byvshev noted that «court» it is begun from - for poems in protection of territorial integrity and the sovereignty of Ukraine.

At the same time in Russia concerning the discordant citizen persecution in the worst Soviet traditions began. For example, in the regional newspaper «Dawn» published a note «To such patriots in Russia the place isn't present!». Occasion became placed on a social network «VKontakte» the poem in support of the Ukrainian people, its aspiration to move towards Europe. The note was accompanied the comment of the prosecutor of the Kromsky area that for the actions directed on excitement of hatred or hostility, criminal liability as regards 1 article 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation–is provided till two years of imprisonment. Besides, in the settlement evening of creativity of the poet was cancelled: already and arrangements were, but the director of club called and told that time at Byvshev such position–no evening will exist.

It is noted that the teacher is the author of three books, on hands at the poet sick aged parents: halfblind mother with the stroke had recently and 84 - the summer father who had a heart attack.

Byvshev in the letter sent to mail of edition «Crime.ISN'T PRESENT» , I wished to patriots of Ukraine to finish successfully Anti-terrorist operation against «bandits «Lugandiya» and it is active them to helping fighters from Erefiya».

«On behalf of few Russians in whom else there were a conscience and common sense, forgive us for the grief caused to you by this armed bandits at overwhelming approval of zombie Russian biomass. It is madly a shame to me with the country creating all this terrible lawlessness. Firmness to you and spirit fortress! Shame of fascist Russia! Glory to Ukraine!» - Byvshev writes.

Also it sent also the poem–for this creativity of the teacher pursue, as criminal. According to Byvshev on him started already two criminal cases. 

 Russia with dislike


And here, Russia, «loud power» ,

Its sosets lips fingering,

I exhausted the painful right

To like and to damn you you.

Vladislav Khodasevich


The fatal line is passed.

And presentiments everything grow dark.

To me Russia any more Homeland–

It is so much blood already on it.


On «Ukrainians» you go with damnations.

Not for the first time to you in the war.

«Never we will be brothers» -

To hear bitterly such to me.


But you won't be appeased in any way, mean.

For you trouble - good fortune.

Скорешилась with a gangster mob.

To take hostage, to kill–


Here and all idea «лугандина» ,

Its fullest portrait.

Quickly you would die, a reptile!

On the earth to you the place isn't present.


Carrion–yours «ambrosia».

Also groan sounds Ukrainians:

«It isn't enough victims тоб і, «Новоросія» ,

R_znikh вбивць krivavy brothel!»


On neighbors of misfortune clicking,

You don't wish to remove from eyes a shor.

To Ukraine–glory great!

And Russia–for ever shame!

Вадим Богданов

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