To eat products from the "General store" supermarket where low-quality goods are on sale, - it is unsafe for health

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The "General store" supermarket which JSC Fozzi YUG belongs, deceives the buyers.

Specialists of management of the rights of consumers rejected the following goods which were offered by a supermarket:

- wine grape branded dry white "Rkatsiteli Inkermanskoye" (productions of JSC Inkermansky Plant of Vintage Wines;

- beer of two names - from - for deposit existence;

- grain semolina and yachnevy TM "Full Bowl" - from - for overestimated contents of garbage impurity;

- halvah sunflower with milk (production of JSC Druzhkovskaya HSF of the Donetsk Region);

- bread lunch and bread Odessa rye (productions of JSC Odessky karavay) from - for expired an expiration date;

- Malyasha and Northern gingerbreads (productions of JSC VKF Ilart, Odessa);

- coulibiac with apple and cinnamon;

- roll with raisin of own production from - for the wrong structure of raw materials;

It is removed from sale from - for absence of full information for consumers:

- "Elder" liqueur (production of Italy);

- Domiati cheese (production of Denmark);

- buckwheat cereal with milk (production of Russia) - from - for absence of information on the name of the importer and his address);

- drink alcoholic "Vermouth Muscat" (productions of JSC Starokozatsky Winery) - from - for absence of the name of fragrance;

- cheese sausage smoked (productions of JSC PAPS).

When checking production mainly producers and suppliers from other regions of the country was rejected, but also production of local producers was rejected also: Vermouth white "Marengo" dry 1 (productions of JSC Koblevo) from - for existence of a deposit, egg chicken food (Blagodatnitsky's productions птицекомбината) from - for lack of a stamp and impurity.


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