Basketball. MBK "Nikolaev" wins on departure against "Pulsar"

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Penultimate round of national championship
came to the end

Before game

In January we conceded in Exactly on 23 points! Owners of a platform hammered to nikolayevets from - for arches of 12 balls, having passed only 3. Last month "Pulsar" and in "Hope" behaved quite defiantly, winning after the first half of 5 points. Only in the third quarter (26:13) nikolayevets could take in hand guests.

Meanwhile line-ups - participants of "A match of all stars" became known. The starting five were defined as a result of vote of fans, other players were called by experts - heads of clubs, trainers and captains of teams of a superleague.
So, on April 11 to a parquet of "Hope" there are at once five players of MBK "Nikolaev"! And, three - in the starting five. This is Alexander Rayevsky, Sergey Gladyr (both is "Stars "Ukraine") and Tayrell Blair ("Stars "Legion"). Also Alexey Onufriyev and Dzharrius Jackson will play. The head coach of MBK "Nikolaev" Vladimir Polyakh will be on the trainer's bridge "Stars "Ukraine". "Pulsar" in "A match of all stars" will be presented by Dmitry Dyatlovsky.


"Pulsar" (Exactly) - MBK "Nikolaev" - 48:52 (19:6, 8:25, 10:7, 11:14)On March 24, Exactly, DYuSSh No. 4, 1000 of the audience
Productivity (points/minutes in game)
Residents of Bryansk328Yaylo829
Head coachMikhail PEREVERZYHead coachVladimir FIELDS
Accuracy of throws (threw/got)
Selections (the шит / stranger)
Judges:V. Drabikovsky, B. Shulga, A. Shirobokov (all - Kiev).
Commissioner:P. Saffron milk cap (Kiev).

It is quite predicted owners of a platform started sharply and productively. And at nikolayevets after Jackson's first hit suddenly "jammed a lock". Dozen of attempts from game of all basketball players coming to a platform so never also didn't bring even couple of points. And a little penalties from Yaylo and Onufriyev - 19:6 brightened up this gloomy picture.

On the second minute of the second period attacks from - for arches Silkovsky - both times precisely twice! The calm lasted about three painful minutes. Who will continue to hammer? The initiative put Rajevski, afterwards, after interception, Onufriyev gets a tryulnik, and Yaylo hammers a near ball with a foul.The penalty, however, missed the mark.

Rovenchane, at last, started recovering, that is to get a ball to our basket. However on 8-й to minute Jackson, Silkovsky and Hlebovitski finished breakthrough of guests on a mark 23:26! However, as it was already noted, rivals too didn't yawn. So in an ending Jackson's tryulnik very much was useful to us. And last minute Onufriyev won a rebound on others board, and Silkovsky summed up the result of the first half of a match - 27:31.

The third period most often call "defining". Either - we, or - us. And here it didn't turn out neither that, nor another. On 3-й to minute after game renewal the first ball in the period is hammered by Artimovich. Only a minute later Onufriyev answers with a tryulnik. In the middle of the ten-minute to the rovenchena, appear, achieved a change, both psychologically, and statistically - 37:36. Who could present that in nearly 3 minutes of game on the account of teams to the last break only one exact throw will increase. Fortunately, it was made by nikolayevets Jackson - 37:38.

The final period there began guests more resolutely. After inexact attacks nikolayevets won rebounds. Onufriyev, Yaylo and Rajevski increased "an insurance stock" teams to 6 points. And in time. Because you never know … Gumenyuk, Artimovich, Dubnyuk, Shemosyuk and Gerasimchuk rushed to storm. Jackson, Yaylo, Rajevski beat off with the last bit of strength.

Rovenchane attacked several times in succession, winning selections after misses. So by hook or by crook reduced a gap in the account. In 34 seconds prior to Hlebovitski's final buzzer, at last, I interrupted an attack of rivals. But the ball managed to reach only Jackson - fouls. Jackson killed both. Rajevski got the following selection, and fouls were punched by Yaylo. He also established a victorious boundary for the Nikolaev team - 48:52.

After game

The head coach of MBK "Nikolaev" Vladimir Polyakh explained low productivity in this match with very tenacious and dense protection ровенчан. "Pulsar" in many matches successfully applies similar tactics. We will tell, Blair at the time of reception of a ball was sponsored almost by all team of rivals and Gumenyuk surpasses our center in growth. It is unlikely cardinally would change a course of a match and participation of Gladyrya who stayed at home to treat a trauma. After all to Sergey didn't allow to play his force and in last duel in Exactly.
Actually, after the first period I saw a problem not so much in attack, how many in protection.Therefore demanded from basketball players most rigidly to play in defense that in counterattacks to achieve a change in a match. And here very safely and productively Silkovsky joined in implementation of this plan. After all this time it came to a platform not to allow to take rest to any of partners, and with the independent task.

In the second half of a match a lot of things if not everything, solved nerves. Our team worked most close to installation. Under a board Hlebovitski, Yaylo and Blair worked with big loading. Terrel even touched fouls. And in counterattacks successfully worked Rajevski and Jackson. I am happy remained result, mostly - game in protection, especially - number of selections. And here the percent of the two-point is obviously low. But penalties earned and realized quite enough for a victory.

Review of round

27-й round. On March 31

BQ "Donetsk" - "Azovmash" - 82:77
Sumykhimprom - BQ Poltava - 74:78
BQ Kiev - "Chemist" - 67:65

After that already nobody will shift MBK "Nikolaev" round from the fifth place. However, and Vladimir Polyakh's fourth team won't be Therefore the match of the last round of the regular championship with "Sumykhimprom" becomes for our children "training with the increased responsibility" in anticipation of a series ply - офф against "Chemist".

In this round we will celebrate the victory of BQ second in a row "Donetsk" over the grandee weakened by personnel losses - after BQ "Kiev" before komanry Migliniyeksa capitulated "Azovmash". At донетчан 25 points were gathered by Takker
BQ "Poltava" pulled out a victory at сумчан and bypassed in standings "Pulsar".

AndInПР / aboutAbout
2BQ OF CUES262242104:180548
3BQ DONETSK271982276:210846
5MBK NIKOLAEV2711162030:222638
6BQ POLTAVA277202117:226034

28-й round. On April 4
MBK "Nikolaev" - "Sumykhimprom"
"Azovmash" - BQ "Kiev"
BQ Poltava - "Pulsar"
"Chemist" - BQ "Donetsk"


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