Cattle breeders of Nikolayevshchina received meat less, and – it is more than milk and eggs, than for the same period of last year

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In 2 months of the current year inNikolaevareas farms of all categories of animal husbandry received 6,3 thousand tons of meat. 36,4 tons of milk and 74,8 million pieces of eggs.

Last year for the same period of meat it was received more (6,8 thousand tons), and here - it is less than milk and eggs (35,4 thousand tons and 41,5 million pieces).

Basis of production of animal husbandry is the general existence of a livestock of cattle and a bird. On March their number made 163, 8 thousand heads of cattle, including 95,1 thousand heads of cows, 127,4 thousand heads of pigs, 59,1 thousand heads of sheep and 3,3 million heads of a bird of all types.

Since the beginning of year agricultural enterprises realized about 5 thousand heads of pigs, from them 99% - to inhabitants of area.

For this period on an incubation 157 thousand pieces of eggs of a bird of all types out of which 88 thousand heads of young growth are already brought for today are put. 111,5 thousand chickens and 14,9 thousand daily ducklings are realized to the population.


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