"Ocean" will construct 24 barges for "Nibulon" and will receive $150 million

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On April 2 on the reloading terminal of grain and oil crops of JSC JV Nibulon "in Nikolaev solemn signing of the Protocol between JSC JV Nibulon and JSC Vadan Yards Okean about coming into effect of contracts on construction of not self-propelled dry-cargo two-bilge vessels mixed (the river - the sea) swimmings for transportation of general and bulk cargoes took place.

In the current year "Nibulon" began implementation of the investment project on construction 7 - ми the elevators which general power will exceed 250 thousand tons and creations of own fleet with a deadweight of (deadweight) of 100 thousand tons and construction of tows. About it reports a press - service "Nibulon".

By request of the company at the Nikolaev plant "Vadan Yards Okean" 24 barges mixed (the river - the sea) swimmings will be constructed.

Project cost - 150 mln. dollars

The project purpose - revival of Dnepr as transport artery, navigation renewal down the river and grain transportations by a waterway.

It is a new stage and the highest level of development of the company. In "Nibulona" learned to grow up grain and it is successful to realize it in the world markets. For more rational transportation of the grain there was a need of transportation by a waterway, and respectively and idea of revival of navigation across Dnepr. The company announced the tender for implementation of the project relatively the main dimensions of barges, the accounting of present depths of the river, the sizes of locks, and so on.

Among 8 - ми design offices the victory was won by the Torola Dizayn of Groups company which guaranteed implementation of all requirements and offered original idea of performance of hatch locks.

Such figures testify to scale of the construction project 24-x barges: 23,5 thousand tons of special shipbuilding steel that is equivalent to delivery by 350 railway cars are required. It is enough of it for construction of two vessels like PANAMAX (court of the maximum sizes which can come into ports of m of Nikolaev. ).

If this amount of metal to spread out as a uniform leaf that its area would make 262320 sq.m, (26 Hectares, 37 football fields).

That to construct the barges which have been specially certified by the Register of navigation of separate sheets of metal, highly skilled welders will execute 360 km of welded seams. For the necessary durability of a vessel 144 km of edges of rigidity, including a steel strip will be welded on.

Length of one barge of 90 m, and all "a nibulonovsky caravan" - nearly 3 km.

Metal for construction will be delivered by the Ukrainian metallurgists from Donetsk and Lugansk areas - Kramatorsk and Alchevsky iron and steel works and Azovstal.

On construction of barges for a year 50% of the personnel of Vadan Yards Okean plant will be involved.

Within the project it is planned to construct river terminals, barges, to construct and buy towing fleet as a part of 14 river and sea tows. On structure it is already own shipping company and nearly 800 additional workplaces.

Barges and tows will be registered in Nikolaev, will be under construction and be operated under the supervision of the Register of navigation of Ukraine, will go under the Ukrainian flag.

Implementation of this project will resume existence of Dneprovsky transport knot and will allow to recover Dnepr as a transport artery of Ukraine. The planned volumes of annual transportations of grain will make over 1 million t in a year. Operation of fleet will allow to carry out also container river transportations which potential will make 18 thousand TEU. The type of barges will allow to transport as across Dnepr, Danube, and in a coastal Black Sea zone and to the Caspian Sea.

Creation of own fleet will reduce the price of logistics, and it is considerable economy in comparison with automobile and rail transportation, will unload thoroughfares. First of all, agricultural producers of the Cherkassk, Poltava, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev and Zaporozhye areas here win. Purchase prices in these regions will be approached to the prices of seaports of Ukraine. At agricultural producers expenses on agricultural products transportation will considerably be cut down that in the conditions of crisis is actual.


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