In Nikolayevshchina trains of decade went on shells?

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Two 76 - mm of an artillery projectile of times of the past war were found at railway station "Novopoltavka" of the Novobugsky area during repair which was carried out near an output arrow of a shunting track.

At additional survey as report in management concerning a regional state administration emergency, there were two more fragments of shells with explosive substance. Dangerous finds destroyed.

Besides, on April 2 about Novopetrovk's village of the Snigirevsky area in the open territory send 82 - mm a mortar mine, on a personal plot in Schastlivk's village of the Domanevsky area - 50 - mm a mortar mine (at additional survey it appeared that is an aviation bomb of joint stock company-2), 76 - mm the artillery projectile was found in the village Sinyukhin Brod of the May Day area, and about Lyubomirovk's village of the Bereznegovatsky area send six artillery projectiles in caliber of 76 mm.

Ammunition found and in Nikolaev: on Bratskaya St. - 82 - mm a mortar mine, in Matveevke, on Lenin St., - 76 - mm an artillery projectile.


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